Third time’s the charm.

This is our third time re-inventing the wheel and we hope it’s going to last.

The first version was all sticks and bones – a one-man blog that was doing writing about basketball things differently. It was meant to be a repository of one man’s thoughts on Ateneo basketball and the UAAP scene. A simple layout was perfect because it was one man talking about one team and occasionally about one league.

HumbleBola 1.0

HumbleBola 1.0

That didn’t last though. Expansion came soon with an influx of writers. Passionate writers who didn’t have a platform to share their thoughts finally had one. At first, there were two, then three, then five and on and on.

It wasn’t just about the Blue Eagles anymore (the team the blog was originally about). It was about the UAAP, then the PBA. We needed to change the layout to make navigating the site easier. That was version 2.

Now, with a full-on website that features both a blog and a stat repository (and maybe more!), the need to change was inevitable.

So, without further adieu, welcome to HumbleBola (version 3.0).

What’s new?

Completely new website with new layouts

Almost everything about the site is new. New font, new and dynamic home page (blog), new layouts for different types of articles. Game articles have a different layout from featured articles and featured articles have different layouts depending on what type of feature article it is.

Great content deserves great presentation and with this change, writers have the freedom to become creative with the way they write.

Beautiful photos!

We also have an all new way of presenting photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, more so with basketball. Words cannot express what a perfect photo can do – project an emotion through the glass (of your smart phone/laptop/monitor). While we pride ourselves on providing content with quantitative analysis, it doesn’t diminish our appreciation for the #PUSO.

Easily navigate through content

With the content growing more diverse by the month — now covering basically anything related to Philippine Basketball, navigating through the site to find the content YOU want is of utmost importance. At first, it was the UAAP, then PBA, then Gilas, then NCAA. It was a slow transition because we were afraid of cluttering what was already a cluttered layout.

No more.

The new layout makes it easy (and pretty!) to navigate through different articles. By author, or by type of article (beat writing or featured), the topic or the time. No matter, navigating the site will be easier than it’s ever been before.

The great thing about all this? The website looks and reads great whether you’re on your laptop, your tablet or your smart phone. HURRAY FOR DYNAMIC LAYOUTS!

HumbleBola Account and Forums (coming soon!)

And finally, we’re going to introduce HB accounts. Our goal has always been to be a platform for everyone to discuss (both quantitatively and qualitatively) the game we all love (I’m talking about basketball, BTW).

This will make commenting on articles written by our writers (DUH) easier to comment on, spurring better discussion and creating a better community of basketball fans.

Your account won’t just be for commenting on articles because we’re going to open up an online forum where people can continue the discussion.

How to actually do that

  1. Click on Log In / Join at the top navigation (above the HB logo).
  2. Register for your account with a valid e-mail address.
  3. Your password will be e-mailed to you and you can change it afterwards.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the prospects of this new website. New layout, better photo galleries, better navigation and a better way of involving you.

All of this is to make your reading experience better and easier (which is what’s important).