Three years ago, I made a promise: that I would make analysis an important part of Philippine sports blogging (and/or journalism). I wanted to give basketball aficionados of Philippine basketball a different flavor and taste. It doesn’t mean writing about story lines is bad. But I believe analysis is just as important (and fun to read!). And we (myself included) were not treated to those types of articles. Part of the problem was that writers capable of writing said articles did not know where and how to express their thoughts – getting into the business of sports writing is hard. Another part of the problem was that the data they needed to properly analyze said games were missing/incomplete/non-existent.

I’ve tried to solve the first one by opening up the website to any and all aspiring writers who fit the criteria (hungry to learn about ‘analysis’ and the use of advanced statistics, competent enough as a writer). Since I started this blog (or website), the number of writers have grown from 1 (me) to a whopping 12, with two more working behind the scenes to make all of this work. That part of the equation will continue to fix itself so long as people continue to grow out of their shell and reach out.

The second part of the equation was a harder nut to crack – data was sparse and no one has provided a clean, working, useful and easy-to-use database for all things basketball, at least for the top two interests here in the Philippines (PBA and UAAP).

Until now.

It is with great pride that I’m announcing the formal (beta) opening of the Stats branch of HumbleBola. Now, you can now access the site (and all the features we currently have) via the link:

Currently, the only data you can access is the UAAP database that we have (Season 74 up to Season 77, updated through 7/30 games). We’re working really hard to complete the database for the UAAP and for the PBA to as far back as we possibly can. We’ll keep you guys posted on that.

HumbleBola Stats

Just a brief walk through of the stats website.



  • As soon as you access the site (again, it’s at, you are immediately greeted with the next games on the docket and the results of the previous games (if you scroll further down).
  • The feedback link and the report bugs link are also available as soon as you enter the website. We encourage everyone to report bugs/submit feedbacks in order to improve the experience of visiting this website.
  • On the omnipresent gray dock, you have the following:
    • Home – re-directs you to the home page of the stats website (in this case, the UAAP stats website).
    • Scores & Schedule – re-directs you to the schedule and scores (if the game is done) of the current season. You can access the box scores of a specific game here.
    • Teams – a list of all the current rosters of the team and that specific team’s game log. There are all sorts of clickable links there (to player pages, game logs, schedule, etc…). Consider this your “hub” for everything about that team. We will continue moving forward with that idea (making it a ‘hub’ for fans of that specific team).
    • Players – a list of all active players in the season and a link to their player page. There’s a separate tab on the upper right that allows you to access the stats for ALL UAAP players we currently have in our database (S74 to S77). This includes the likes of Greg Slaughter, Bobby Ray Parks, Terrence Romeo and more.


    • Stats – this is separated into two tabs:
        • Stats by Team – a compilation of the total stats by the teams side-by-side.
        • Stats by Player – a compilation of the total stats by the players side-by-side (complete with league average if appropriate).
          • Take note: You can currently add two (2) filters in the “Stats by Players” tab: number of games played (Min. GP) and number of minutes played per game (Min. MP/G). For now, we only have those two but we will expand more in the future. Stay tuned.
        • Both of these tabs have an additional filter in the upper right to filter by season.
      • Search Box – you can search any team or player wherever you are.
  • Along with that dock, you also have access to the omnipresent top (black) bar with the following links:
    • Home – re-directs you back to the blog part of HB ( so you can continue browsing through our wonderful articles.
    • Advanced Stats 101 – article about all the statistics you might find on HB.
    • Facebook and Twitter Links – So you can visit our Facebook and Twitter pages (whichever social network you prefer).
  • Final note on the stats website: You can import tables as an image or as a CSV (comma-separated value). These are accessible on the upper right side of the table you want to share.

All we ask from you is two things:

  1. Share this blog post or share the link of the website. Share it via Facebook, share it via twitter, share it via Google+ (lol) and Pinterest. We need this to spread like wildfire so everyone and anyone can access the information they need to write some new articles.
  2. Credit HumbleBola for the data you just used. That’s it. If you’re sharing this data on Facebook/Twitter, we’d appreciate it if you tagged the respective account of HB and use the hashtag #HBStats. This way, people will have an easier time finding all the interesting stuff you will find on our database (and there’s probably a lot).

These are exciting times. As it is, the stats website already opens up so many doors and avenues for writers. With the additional features that we have in mind (PBA, addition of more seasons, addition of more filters, other data, etc…), we can finally inch closer and closer to my dream – a vibrant and active community of Philippine basketball enthusiast that have access to both wonderful storyline articles and meaningful analysis based articles.

If you have any questions/comments or suggestions just leave one in the comment section below. For now, happy link jumping! I hope you have as much fun as I did looking at those numbers.