Today is the start of a new era of HumbleBola goodness. After the UAAP season was over, lots of people were asking me – “what are you going to be write about now?”

To be honest, there’s still a lot to talk about in the UAAP. But the amount of readership that HB can drag in is fewer because the hype of Season 75 is over, now that Drive for Five is complete. But fear not, faithful readers! I’m moving my work to the professional ranks – this time, I’ll be covering the Philippine Basketball Association.

I still have issues with the league, as a whole, but working with the UAAP, and understanding more deeply what our local hoops scene has to offer, I found the PBA a clear choice for something I’d write about. And I have a lot of things on my mind that I’d like to talk about here.

There are previous UAAP players that I followed like Nonoy Baclao, LA Tenorio, Larry Fonacier, Arwind Santos, Paul Lee. Other players that I find interesting (good or bad): James Yap, Jeff Chan, Gary David, Willie Miller, Alex Cabagnot. And then those awesome rookies: Chris Tiu, this guy Fajardo and the Beast Abueva.

So yes, expect the same type of coverage that I did in the UAAP. We’ll have MVP writeups &  Mythical Five predictions. We’ll have posts that dispute and support conventional wisdom. I’ll also answer some questions (Mail Room) that you SHOULD send in to the address (it’s And then there are the regular writeups. In addition to the pre-game and heavy post game analysis, I’m bringing back the “quick thoughts” post whenever I can watch a game live. It is necessary in order for people that DIDN’T watch the game, to get a general idea of what happened (kind of like an AP report, but not. If that makes sense).

Speaking of which, if you are asking which team’s I’ll be following it’s the Petron Blaze Boosters and the Air21 Express. The reason why I followed those teams are:

1.) From what I understand, the PBB (that’s Petron Blaze Boosters not the Pinoy Big Brother) are the re-incarnation of the SMB. If you must know, I was raised as a San Miguel Beermen fan. I have memories about the time I didn’t care about the issues I had with the PBA – a shirt that was autographed, pictures taken with players, admirations, championships celebrated and the like.

2.) Because I grew up as a San Miguel fan, I have associated some teams with “hate” – because they probably defeated SMB for a championship. The teams include Purefoods (which is now San Mig Coffee Mixers), Talk n’ Text, Alaska (especially Alaska) and Ginebra.

3.) I like rooting for underdogs – and from what I hear, Air21 is a franchise that hasn’t won a championship (please correct me if they have). So, I find their team interesting.

4.) Nonoy Baclao – yes, he is reason enough for me to follow Air21. He was my idol back in the 3rd championship. It would be my honor to analyze his contributions to a team.

Please be reminded that me following or previously hating (or currently hating) a team does not mean I won’t answer questions about them in the most unbiased manner as I can. I will. As I’ve always said, I am a biased – not on a certain team but with numbers. If the numbers say you’re good, then I’ll say it – regardless if I hate you or not. It’s why I continue to say that Lebron is the best basketball player in the NBA, Paul is still right there with Lebron, and Dwight is a defensive monster. It’s also why I’m not proclaiming that Greivis Vasquez is anything special (he isn’t).

Another reminder, the website isn’t centralized yet (i.e. the UAAP and the PBA HB sites are two seperate entities) so if you’d like to visit the PBA HB, please go specifically to pba [dot] humblebola [dot] com. Going to www [dot] humblebola [dot] com will re-direct you to the UAAP site, NOT the PBA site. This is an issue that will be addressed soon. For now? Please bear with this problem. Thank you!

So there you have it folks. I’ve said welcome three times now, but that’s the nature of an expanding website – you continuously add something new. In all cases, a welcome was necessary to ,you know, welcome you to the NEW service that’s offered.

Lastly, if there are any of you that would like to volunteer to do a pre-game or post-game writeup about ANY of the teams, please email them to contact [at] humblebola [dot] com. I’ll post them immediately after I approve them. This website isn’t for me, it’s for you guys! For you to have one single place to find THE best Philippine Sports Analysis website.

Salutatio et Vale! (that’s Thank you and Good bye in Latin)

– Humble Bola