By Camille Cutler 

UST Growling Tigers def. UP Fighting Maroons 85-69

Notable Players

Soulemane Chabi Yo, UST (18 points, 18 rebounds, seven turnovers)

This was a great way for Chabi Yo to introduce himself to the larger UAAP, as he showed his game that fits so well with UST’s schemes. He’s such an athlete and he just finds ways to contribute for his team. Once he learns to keep his turnovers down, then UST can truly rejoice.

Mark Nonoy, UST (16 points, five rebounds) 

SPEED. HE IS SPEED! After a forgettable first game, Nonoy bounced back in the biggest way. He looked more comfortable, letting the game come to him rather than forcing the issue.

Bright Akhuetie (19 points, 16 rebounds)

The biggest advantage UP had in this game was the reigning MVP as his size was difficult to match for UST. But one man could only do so much, as it looked like Bright lost gas during the clutch. We can’t blame the big guy though, he really tried to carry the Fighting Maroons.

Quick Analysis

  • What a way for UST to introduce themselves to the UAAP. This was their first big game this season and the young squad performed admirably despite the pressure. Mark Nonoy and Rhenz Abando, the two rookies, gave the Growling Tigers such a spark that even a team as talented as UP couldn’t respond.
  • If there’s one thing UST needs to work on, it’s their turnovers. They had 18, two more than the Fighting Maroons. It’s kind of expected from them already,UAA considering their tendency for quick plays, but they need to be careful either way. Other teams will pounce on those errors.
  • This was a disappointing performance from UP. Everyone, from Iskos to even regular basketball fans, expected more from them. It wasn’t even a matter of #PUSO or playing hard, UP simply needs to play better. Smarter. With more purpose. Performance that matches the hype.
  • At the very least, UP had 16 assists versus UST, double of that compared to their last game. It’s a good thing to hold on to, but they can be better. Putting a premium on involving everyone in offensive action can be a good start.