UE Red Warriors def. FEU Tamaraws 90-65 


Philip Manalang, UE (13 points, 12 awesome assists, 4 rebounds, +23)

Beyond the stats, Manalang was all over the court. Whether spinning in and out of the shaded lane or running the break, Manalang was key when UE went on a decisive run in the 3rd and was the stabilizer when the Tamaraws were attempting a comeback on the 4th.  

With an explosive first step, Manalang made FEU’s collapsing defense looked silly with his 12 dimes dropping it at the precise time for timely jumpers from Jason Varilla, Wilson Bartolome and Alvin Pasaol.  UE was +23 while Manalang tended the backcourt.

Alvin Pasaol, UE (25 points, 13 rebound, 5 steals, 2 assists and +39)

No starting five slot, no problem as Alvin Pasaol racked up MVP numbers anyway by shrugging off a horrendous 0-for-6 start from beyond the 3-point arc and sizzled in the second finishing the game at +39.  And when Pasaol could not buy a long bucket, he made sure he got his share of trips to the freethrow line being the only UE player sent to the line the entire first half and making 7-of-8 from the stripe.    

Pasaol was not done yet.  Air Sambokujin made sure FEU was knocked out and stayed down by leading another 10-0 attack to turn an already lopsided 71-50 score to a louder 81-50.  

And after he drained his last triple, he motioned eating.  What else right?

Jason Varilla, UE (17 career high points. 63% 3-point FG%, +28)

For every emergency Philip Manalang pass, there was Varilla for a bail-out 3. En fuego early on, Varilla drilled in 5-of-7 in the first half alone when UE was trying to survive a seemingly poor shooting night from Pasaol.  

Whether from the corner or on top of the key, Varilla made the FEU defense pay for concentrating on Pasaol.  

Entire UE frontline (Shutting down Prince Orizu to ZERO FG in the last three quarters)

After going on a perfect game against UP, Orizu was mobbed and bullied by a team that decided to go import-commando for the season.  The combination of Wilson Bartolome and Christopher Conner wore down and broke down Orizu to add to the FEU’s import list of embarrassing nights.  


  • Coach Joe Silva’s decision of not starting Pasaol was a golden move that caught FEU napping.  Expecting the UE Red Warriors to roll over and hand over the W on a golden tray proved to be the bitter lesson FEU needs to learn after today.  And while Varilla was on fire from the outside, Pasaol took part in the mad UE gang rebounding and won on the offensive boards 16-11 and finishing it off by outscoring the Tamaraws 15-8 off second chances.  
  • The 3-point happy UE Warriors looked every bit on the slide but there are just nights like these.  UE shot 12-of-32 from long distance and knocking it down when FEU was the most vulnerable emotional state.  And when they miss the 3-ball, they get it back and scores inside the paint.
  • FEU was just not themselves this afternoon.  There were no passes and almost zero ball movement as the usual deadly squad from Morayta had 17 turnovers that were converted into 13 points by UE.