Welcome to HumbleBola’s fifth installment of Season 77 Rookie Ladder! As the season has gone on, we are slowly getting a clearer view of how the rookies are. We are definitely seeing the strengths of the young ‘uns, especially given their impressive statistical output, but, at the same time, their weaknesses are starting to unfold. Who reigned supreme for this week?

Let’s get it started!

5. Renzo Subido, UST Growling Tigers

For This Week 2 15.35 0.00 0.00% - 3.00 1.00 0.00 0.00 0.50
Overall 6 18.10 2.70 20.00% 100.00% 2.00 0.70 0.70 0.00 1.50

Renzo Subido remains as one of the prospects who hasn’t been unleashed yet. Question now is, when? (Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, UAAP)


If there has been a trend among the rookies, it has been this; they would play well for the first few weeks, then after a while, they start to falter. The same can’t be said for Renzo Subido. How has Subido been, one may ask. Well, he’s been.. interesting.

He hasn’t received a consistent amount of minutes unlike Arvin Tolentino and Ivan Villanueva, so judging him is really difficult. When he has played heavy minutes, he has produced quite well, and not just through scoring. Against Ateneo, he was held scoreless, but he was able to set the plays of the Growling Tigers well (two assists), and, he did a good job grabbing rebounds (six rebounds all in all.) Against La Salle, however, he only played nine minutes (the fewest he’s played this season), and he failed to register a single stat (well a foul doesn’t really count).

It’s going to continue to be a roller coaster season for Subido. He has been solid, but he hasn’t played in a manner that’s making people consider him as a top two rookie. Given how solid Jam Sheriff has been this season, don’t expect Subido to receive a drastic increase in minutes.

4. Thirdy Ravena, Ateneo Blue Eagles

For This Week 2 6.15 1.00 20.00% 0.00% 2.50 0.00 0.00 0.00 1.00
Overall 6 7.40 o.50 20.00% 0.00% 2.30 0.20 0.00 0.00 0.30

Thirdy Ravena continues to show flashes of upside despite his limited minutes. (Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, UAAP)

Thirdy is one of the few rookies who don’t follow the trend of faltering during the middle of the season. For his case, he’s actually become better every game that he has played in. Is it due to increase in minutes? Or is it the work that he has been putting on during practice?

If you were to ask me, I’d answer that he has improved, but the reason why he’s playing well now is because he’s always had it in him in the first place. People always look at the scoring average of Thirdy, but I think the stat that we should be taking notice of is his rebounding. Despite his limited minutes, he has been averaging 2.3 rebounds a game (9.5 per 30 minutes). One may ask, “But Renzo Subido’s averaging two rebounds a game! Why don’t we take note of his rebounding?” Well, first, Subido plays more than twice the minutes Thirdy plays, and second, he’s not even inserted into line ups to rebound; he’s there to defend.

For sure, Thirdy will not receive starter’s minutes any time soon this season. However, expect him to continue to improve on his game as the season passes by, and expect him to flash even more of that athleticism that people have been salivating about.

3. Rev Diputado, NU Bulldogs

For This Week 1 18.20 7.00 33.33% 50.00% 1.00 2.00 3.00 0.00 0.00
Overall 7 14.60 5.00 50.00% 40.00% 2.00 1.00 0.70 0.00 1.00

Rev Diputado has been a steady, and effective presence for the NU Bulldogs. (Photo Credit: Sherwin Vardeleon, Solar Sporsts Desk)


Rev Diputado is another exception to the observation that I made where rookies hit a wall in the middle of the year. He hasn’t exploded as well. He’s been.. really steady that it’s honestly starting to creep me out.

The stats that Rev put up this week aren’t going to wow you given his production the past few weeks. His production has basically been 5 – 2 – 2. Sometimes it goes high, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll be really honest in saying that, there’s not much to analyze with how Rev performed with this week. If you need something to remember about his performance, one word sums it up — steady. And it looks like that isn’t going to change any time soon.

2. Prince Rivero, De La Salle Green Archers

For This Week 2 18.55 9.00 60.00% 71.40% 5.50 1.00 0.00 1.00 3.50
Overall 7 13.90 6.60 60.70% 76.90% 4.10 0.90 0.00 0.60 2.10

Prince Rivero looks to be on his way as future King Archer. (Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, UAAP)


If not for the clutch time heroics of a certain someone, Rivero would have retained his number one spot. Well, Prince has the same situation as his former FIBA 3×3 World Championships teammate Thirdy. He has had an uptick in terms of his production, and just like Thirdy, the same question is posed to him; how exactly did he suddenly become so effective?

His situation is somewhat similar to Thirdy, but the difference is, it looks like his minutes will increase as time passes by. He continued his awesome play in the two games the Taft-based squad had. He had trouble taking care of the ball, but, he was still efficient in the offensive end, converting more than 60% of his free throws. His rebounding prowess was also on full display during this week, as he ended up grabbing a total of 11 rebounds for Week 5.

Given the injury situation of La Salle, it looks like Prince will continue to receive heavy minutes as a big for the Archers. Expect his numbers to remain the same (or even increase) as the games go by. When Norbear and AVO return, expect a decrease in minutes, but when La Salle needs some spacing, they can always go to Prince.

1. Arvin Tolentino, Ateneo Blue Eagles

For This Week 2 32.10 8.50 21.05% 75.00% 10.50 1.50 1.50 2.00 3.00
Overall 7 27.30 12.10 34.70% 71.40% 7.60 0.90 0.60 1.00 2.30

After a shaky Week 4, Arvin Tolentino roars (see what I did there?) his way back to the #1 spot in the Rookie Ladder! (Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, UAAP)


Arvin is part of the typical rookie group that falters during the middle of the season. It was especially evident last week when he fell down one spot from the Rookie Ladder because of a lackluster performance against the FEU Tamaraws. He performed better this week, but not a huge uptick in terms of stats. What convinced me to place him in the top spot, was his improvement on defense.

The biggest knock on Arvin has been his lack of effort on the defensive end, and the catalyst to that criticism was Ateneo’s game against FEU. This week, he had to go up against bigs like Karim Abdul and Charles Mammie. Did he play good defense against the two giants? Before you mention the argument that “they had double-doubles yo” well, they had those double-doubles after the third quarter. During clutch time, well, Arvin went to work on those two. His clutch defense for the week was highlighted by two plays. First, when he blocked Roi Sumang‘s drive attempt to tie the game against Ateneo, and second, when he grabbed that rebound to save the day for the Hail Mary Squad.

Arvin will continue to receive massive criticism for his lack of inside play, his penchant for shooting tons of threes, and his inconsistent effort on defense. At the end of the day, he is still a rookie, and it is good that he has grown at the defensive side of things as early as now. I said it last week, and i’ll say it again. When he figures all of these things out, be very afraid, UAAP. VERY AFRAID.


Ranking Name Team Status (From Last Week)
1 Arvin Tolentino ADMU +1
2 Prince Rivero DLSU -1
3 Rev Diputado NU +1
4 Thirdy Ravena ADMU +1
5 Renzo Subido UST -2

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What’s the difference between a ROOKIE and a FIRST YEAR PLAYER?

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