Hey guys! Welcome to the fourth installment of HumbleBola’s Rookie Ladder!

If there were some things that we learned from this week, I think it would be the following:

1. This batch of rookies is one of the most talented that we have seen in quite some time, and…

2. Despite their immense talent, these guys are still rookies in the end. They are still learning, and in no way should we treat these guys with so much disdain.

So who reigned supreme among the newcomers this week? Let’s get it started!

5. Thirdy Ravena, Ateneo Blue Eagles

For This Week 1 13.36 4.00 33.33 - 5.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Overall 4 7.40 1.00 20.00% - 2.30 0.30 0.00 0.00 o.oo

Finally Thirdy breaks out of his shell. Will he start a streak of good games for the Blue Eagles? (Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, Fabilioh)

The UAAP Season 76 Juniors MVP already knew that when he committed to the Ateneo Blue Eagles, he would not receive the same treatment that his brother would during his rookie season. Kiefer was immediately thrust into a role where he would be one of the top scorers for the team, while Thirdy would enter as a back up shooting guard who would focus on defending rather than scoring. Despite his status as a Juniors MVP, he knew that, and he accepted it as well. It was just a matter of him flourishing to that role.

I think he’s starting to flourish already.

In the lone game of the younger Ravena, he displayed why he was such a highly touted prospect out of high school. He showed the slashing ability which he is known for, scoring off two impressive drives, scoring a total of four points. During the 13 minutes that he played, Thirdy also was tasked to defend Mike Tolomia. He continuously hounded the fourth year Morayta guard, using his length to defend Mike. Most importantly, he showcased his rebounding ability, grabbing a total of five rebounds, good for second best in that game for Ateneo.

Will he receive more minutes for the Blue Eagles? Given his performance last Sunday, likely so. If he wants to be given a bigger role, however, he has to bulk up, tighten up his handles and fix his shooting. The future is bright for Thirdy.

4. Rev Diputado, NU Bulldogs

For This Week 2 12.60 2.00 14.28% 0.00% 3.00 0.50 0.00 0.00 1.00
Overall 6 13.90 4.70 54.50% 33.33% 2.20 0.80 0.30 0.00 1.20

No doubt about it. Rev Diputado is the point Guard of the future for NU. (Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, UAAP)


When you mention the Ateneo Blue Eagles, De La Salle Green Archers and maybe even the Adamson Soaring Falcons, you will immediately hear names of rookies, and for good reason. After all, Arvin Tolentino, Prince Rivero and Ivan Villanueva are rookies who either played internationally during the high school days, or are performing extremely well this season. When you mention the NU Bulldogs, however, you won’t hear any names of their rookies. You’ll hear names of veterans (Gelo Alolino, Jeth Troy Rosario  and Alfred Aroga) and even names of a past Bulldog (Bobby Ray Parks). As the season has progressed, however, Rev Diputado has slowly carved his name as a Bulldog to remember.

For his standards, Rev actually had a pretty bad week. For one, he had consecutive poor offensive performances, only registering a total of four points for the two games he played this week. Not helping his cause was a bad 14.28 percent shooting. Despite the poor offensive output, he was able to grab a solid six rebounds for the week, showing that he can mix it up inside despite his small stature.

NU has one more assignment left before the first round ends — against the FEU Tamaraws, a team that has an elite perimeter player in Tolomia. Given how Diputado performed against Kiefer Ravena, expect the former San Beda Red Cub to be the man in-charge of disrupting him.

3. Renzo Subido, UST Growling Tigers

For This Week 1 21.30 5.00 3.33% 100.00% 1.00 1.00 2.00 0.00 3.00
Overall 4 19.10 4.00 28.60% 100.00% 1.50 0.50 1.00 0.00 2.00

Small in height, big in heart. (Photo Credit: Richard Esguerra, UAAP)


UST has been.. confusing this season. Their record actually isn’t as promising as it may suggest. They struggled mightily against two cellar dwellers (they eventually ran away against UP, however), and their offense has looked messy. Amid the mess that UST has had to face, rookie Renzo Subido has tried his best to fix things for the Growling Tigers.

In the lone game of the España based squad, the Junior Archer turned Growling Tiger put in what maybe his best game as a rookie (so far), in my opinion. In this game, he was able to score five points from one 3-pointer and two free throws. He also filled up the rest of the stat sheet by grabbing one rebound, dishing out one assist and stealing the ball twice. Despite the impressive stat line for the week, it is very evident that Subido needs to cut down with his turnovers. He averages two a game, the most for a rookie along with one of the top two. The Growling Tigers average the third most turnovers in the whole league, and Subido isn’t exactly doing well to help the cause.

2. Arvin Tolentino, Ateneo Blue Eagles

For This Week 1 23.00 5.00 10.00% 50.00% 5.00 0.00 1.00 0.00 2.00
Overall 5 25.40 13.60 39.30% 70.00% 6.40 0.60 0.20 0.60 2.00

The big man out of Rizal struggled mightily with his shooting against the Tamaraws. A wake up call perhaps? (Photo Credit: Mon Rubio, The Benchwarmers)

Honestly, I had second thoughts about placing Arvin in the second spot. After all, it was only one game, and far and away, he is the ROY winner so far. But, his ATROCIOUS (It’s pretty obvious I like using this word) performance against the Tamaraws simply convinced me to drop him a spot from the Rookie Ladder. Let the nitpicking begin.

I think it’s pretty evident that Arvin’s decision making skills are poor at this point. If there was one thing which really ticked me off during the game against FEU, it wasn’t his defense (or his lack thereof), it was actually his offense.  Every time he sets a screen (which isn’t even that good of a screen, mind you) instead of rolling, he pops. I totally understand that he has the ability to shoot jumpers, but he already knew he was cold, so why continue to pop instead of rolling? To give you an idea of how much threes Arvin has been taking, let’s go to the league statistics. He has been taking 6.4 threes a game, good (or bad?) for second in the league. He takes more threes than Mike Tolomia and Kevin Ferrer. Think about that.

Despite the bad decision making skills of Arvin, we cannot deny that he is immensely talented. He is a rookie after all, with still four years to learn how to defend (properly) and attack inside. However, with great talent, there is also great responsibility, and that is now the challenge for the Angono native. He can take threes, but he can’t take too much. He can be chill at times, but not all the time. Once he figures all of these out, be very afraid, UAAP. Very afraid.

1. Prince Rivero, De La Salle Green Archers

For This Week 1 20.30 12.00 57.10% 75.00% 6.00 2.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Overall 5 12.00 5.60 61.10% 83.33% 3.20 0.80 0.00 0.40 1.00

Prince Rivero muscled his way to an awesome performance against Adamson, thus earning him the title of King Rookie for this week’s Rookie Ladder! (Photo Credit: Kristine Barreiro, Go Archers.com)


After the breakout game that he had last week against UE, no one expected him to have a repeat performance against the Falcons. Sure the Falcons scored as much points as a street basketball team playing 5 on 5 for water against NU, but no one really anticipated Rivero to score double digits. Well, I guess Prince didn’t care if no one anticipated him to succeed.

Since Arnold Van Opstal and Norbert Torres were sat down in the game against Adamson, their minutes were given to Prince Rivero and fellow newcomer (although not a rookie) Abu Tratter. Between the two, it was Rivero who shined more. He showed his wide array of moves catapulting his way to 12 points with an impressive 4-of-7 shooting clip. At the same time, he was able to grab six rebounds against the Falcons, showing the rebounding ability that he was so heralded for in high school.

The La Salle Greenhills alumnus has been very impressive the past few weeks, so an increase in minutes seems likely. Despite his lack of height (for his position anyway), he still has the ability (and the willingness!) to bang bodies inside, plus his capability to hit jumpers is a big plus for a La Salle team that is in dire need of perimeter points (2nd to the last place in three points made in the league).


Ranking Name Team Status (From Last Week)
1 Prince Rivero DLSU +3
2 Arvin Tolentino ADMU -1
3 Renzo Subido UST NR
4 Rev Diputado NU -2
5 Thirdy Ravena ADMU NR

Honorable Mention

Ivan Villanueva: 2 games for the week, 4 points a game, 2.5 rebounds a game

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Scope of the Rookie Ladder

What’s the difference between a ROOKIE and a FIRST YEAR PLAYER?

A rookie is a local who is fresh out of high school, which means this is his first year in college. This does not include  players who repeated 1st year college.

A first year player is someone whose first playing year is this season. Some examples of popular first year players from Season 76 are Chris Newsome, Jason Perkins and Charles Mammie.

For this weekly feature, we will be ranking ROOKIES.