UAAP Commercial Awards

Welcome to the first ever HumbleBola UAAP commercial awards! Here we give recognition to the most memorable commercials of the UAAP season. Winners not only get thumbs up from me at home and audience applause (also from me at home), but also a bit more digital media millage care of you guys! :)

Love them or hate them, you have to live with them. Whether it be before the games, during timeouts, between quarters, or waiting for the next game, you can never escape the UAAP commercials while watching the games on TV. Whether you like them or not, commercials/sponsorships have always been an interesting part of the UAAP experience.

With that, let’s take a look at the more memorable ones this season.

Good Effort on Dubbing Award: Enervon

Video Credit: UNILAB

It probably isn’t Kiefer Ravena’s voice in the commercial, but good effort though. I was almost fooled that it really was Ravena, especially when the guy says “Kiefer Ravena po.” But then again, why do commercials dub? If I had to guess, probably a cost-cutting thing.

Best Group Performance Award: Live Supreme

Video Credit: Monde Nissin

Props to Lucky Me for being very strategic in their commercial. They were able use the 8 school colors which is brilliant because most students and alumni have an emotional attachment to their respective universities and their colors. Also, too bad this dance didn’t go viral. It’s simple and user friendly for dance-challenged people like me. Oh yeah, is it coincidence that the UP guy has glasses? (or maybe I’m just thinking too much.)

Catchiest Song Award: Yellowcab

Video Credit: Yellow Cab Pizza PH

“Get ready, Its gonna be great!” has to be one of the catchiest (and persistent) taglines among the UAAP commercials. Yellowcab has successfully etched the phrase in the subconscious of the frequent UAAP viewer.

Funniest Commercial Award: PS Bank Anne Curtis

Video Credit: Anne Curtis-Smith

Wow, the guy really does look and sound like Pitbull. PSBank always comes up with funny and creative commercials, hats off to them. Too bad Pitbull doesn’t have any cash in that probably expensive pair of pants.

Grows-On-You-The-Most award: StarMobile

Video Credit: StarMobile

This commercial and its high pitch song really does grow on you and it hits you probably around the 8th or 9th time of viewing. To be honest, I didn’t really know what StarMobile was before this commercial, so I guess it was effective. I was also impressed by the fact that I could grind a fork on the screen of a StarMobile phone without having a scratch on it.

Makes-You-Wanna-Eat Award: McSpicy

Video Credit: McdonaldsPH

If Jessy Mendiola really does go to McDonalds and shares seats with random strangers, the number of grown men sitting alone in a McDonalds store probably skyrockets after that commercial. McDonalds always does a great job of marketing their new products and also leaves us a little bit more hungry after every commercial.

Most Puzzling Commercial Award: Silverworks

Video Credit: riotvfx01

The commercial starts off great and showcases the Silverworks jewelry. Things take a turn for the weird when the girl grows some leaves and the guy suddenly has antlers and becomes a deer. What happens next? Will the deer consume the leaves? I guess we’ll never know.

If we’ve missed any of your favorite commercials, hit us up on the comments section below.

Most Used UAAP Commentary Taglines: It’s time to start the fun!

Here’s a medley of the most used and unique commentary lines in 76th season of the UAAP. A collection of:

“It’s time to start the fun!”

“Gets it to go!”

“Bang and the bucket!”

“Boom Baby!”

“Kamikazee drive”

“Running out of real estate”

Video Credit: ABS-CBN Sports/UAAP Sports TV

My personal favorite is probably “running out of real estate” because it’s the most unique thing I’ve heard in all my years of watching basketball. The “bang and the bucket” obviously is a statement said after making an and-1 basket but the other catchphrases are harder to figure out when they will be used.

So far I’ve noticed “boom baby!” and “gets it to go!” are uttered on made threes. Also to my knowledge, “kamikazee drive” is only used on Jericho Cruz’ attacks to the rim. Here’s another observation: “it’s time to start the fun!” is always uttered at the tip-off of UAAP games. At first I thought it was some sort of product endorsement thing (but later on concluded it wasn’t), then I got to thinking maybe it just caught on with the commentators or maybe they were instructed to have to say it every time at tip-off. It’s a head-scratcher but the commentators consistently mention it at the start of ball games.

If we’ve missed any of your favorite taglines or you want to help us make sense of everything, hit us up on the comments section below.