As expected, De La Salle ran past Adamson but not without incurring enough bumps and bruises along the way. Your guess is as good as mine as to how Adamson was able to even have a respectable defeat (really they are trying so hard to get at least one W).

The Green Archers survived a career game from Don Trollano who erupted for 26 points (though he needed 27 shots to do so) and hauled down 11 boards for good measure. Jansen Rios also put up a double-double with 11 markers (on a, brace yourself, ungodly 3-for-15 day) and 11 rebounds of his own. But really, all De La Salle needs to survive is Trollano and Rios.

But hey, as bad as the shooting days of the two Falcon scorers are, De La Salle caught it too. Only Jason Perkins and Arnold Van Opstal had a normal shooting game. Read: more points than shots (because we’re nitpicking how scorers should be economical and have better efficiency overall). But we’ll get more on that later.


Gimme PT! (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida,

Gimme PT! (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida,

Alas, it seems the rookies will only get playing time if the situation is so dire and Juno Sauler is out of options. Against Ateneo, he called up Prince Rivero since hey, you need someone to get going besides Jeron TengAbu Tratter could’ve gotten some valuable experience pounding on his lesser counterparts (sorry, Matt Aquino, Ivan Villanueva, etc. but Abu has a higher ceiling than you guys). Julian Sargent could’ve used more time to gain confidence over the likes of Joseph Nalos, Ryan Monteclaro, and Axel Inigo.

Oh well, you can’t ask for everything. Sauler wanted to be sure and well, it did pay off. I don’t know if Sargent can take Trollano, and Tratter have Rios the whole game. Jesus, they’d be mauled, murdered beyond recognition and the carcasses are thrown along the highway.


I’ll have to live with the nature of chucking De La Salle is employing. Well, correct that, RoboSon and Almond Vosotros  are employing and to a certain extent, Jason Perkins. Then you have Kib Montalbo who plays 27 useless minutes (Pio, he had 4-5-3, how can it be so useless, ohhhh you mean he had 18 last time?).

Voso-tres was a horrid 4-for-13 for 12 points. Typical day in the office, if not more, and then Teng. Man, fine three from behind the arc. But inside? Can you please stop shooting 18-footers? It’s ugly. And you are a marvel to watch driving down the lane. So yeah, ditch chucking Jeron!


I’m surprised Adamson managed to keep it from double digits even if they scored atrociously per quarter. But there’s just no stopping Hefty Lefty from churning out his second-best game of the season finishing with a huge double-double of 16 and 16. Well, the Archers’ schedule will not get lighter anytime soon.