The winning streak continues for the UE Red Warriors! It seems like they’re finally getting their rhythm back and going up the ladder.

The Red Warriors are slowly solidifying their presence in the standings – defeating both the Ateneo Blue Eagles and De La Salle Green Archers within three days. The combination of Mammie and Sumang are doing wonders for the team but just how far will this pair take them? We’re seeing flashes of brilliance from bench players like Alberto, Javier and Olivarez but we have yet to see a solid contributor for the Red Warriors.

So, what went on the game against the Green Archers?

Graphs, Tables and Numbers

Four Factors
Team Pace Rating eFG TOV% ORB% FTR
UE 79.8 106.5 45.1% 17.2% 46.5%  26.9% 
DLSU 79.8 104.0 51.9% 13.7%  35.7% 3.9%

Clearly, the Red Warriors outrebounded the Green Archers evidenced by the ORB% of 46.5% compared to the Archer’s 37.5%. The early foul trouble for AVO (he had two personal fouls within ~1 minute of playing time in the 1Q) limited their presence on the boards. Mammie was just too much for Norbert Torres when it comes to grabbing the boards.

The Red Warriors were also way better at getting to the line and capitalizing on the freebie, with a FTR of 26.9% compared to the Archers’ 3.9%.

Game Flow
It was a struggle but the Warriors were able to secure the W,

It was a struggle but the Warriors were able to secure the W,

Compared to their game against the Blue Eagles, the Red Warriors were struggling for most of the game. The ball game started with a drought, empty possessions for both teams. As early as the first quarter, we can see the Archers pushing the ball and picking up the pace often catching the Red Warriors’ in a scatter and attempting to put up some points off Mammie’s slow pace traveling to the post from the opposite court. Almond Vosotros’ explosive performance of 26 points (44.4% 3PT/70% 2PT) was a key reason for UE’s struggle.

Individual Offensive Rating

chart_1 (3)

Reviewing the Game

Mammie and Sumang did not disappoint

Charles Mammie had a less explosive performance compared to his last game’s monster output of 23 rebounds. In this game, his rebounding splits are 29.4/10/19.8 which is still above average. He’s getting better at producing off postups (not just the usual putback/second chance opportunities). His free throw shooting has also greatly improved; he made 5 out of 6 at the charity stripe. One thing that Mammie has to be conscious of is straying away from the paint too much – often, you can see him outside the paint leaving an open lane for a quick drive to the basket. In the game against the Eagles, he was forced to go as high as the three-point line which resulted to an easy basket for Juami Tiongson.


Juami gets an easy basket out of this. (Photo Credit: UAAP Sports TV)

Roi Sumang, well he’s a given. He produced 142 points per 100 possessions in this game – that’s 52 points above the average! Just how strong is this guy? You see him daring against two bigger defender for a lay-up (which he then adjusts mid-air), using his body to protect the ball and still have enough guts to sink the three-pointer. He also had six assists in this game and a 90% free-throw percentage. Definitely the King Warrior!

Roi Sumang just keep on surprising us every game. (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, UAAP Sports TV)

Roi Sumang just keeps on surprising us in every game. (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, UAAP Sports TV)

Mammie + Sumang + ______

Like I’ve said in my previous articles, aside from Mammie and Sumang, there’s no other consistent creator for the Red Warriors. For a moment, I thought it was going to be Gino Jumao-as but in the past outings, he wasn’t able to show us a lot in the minutes that’s he played. Then we thought it was going to be Casajeros, oh wait, Olivarez? Noble? Javier? Alberto? See what I mean?

Sumang plays around 32-35 minutes every game, while Mammie plays around 35-38 minutes. That’s almost the entire game. At some point, these two will get tired and will miss open looks, turn the ball over, cramp up, etc. This is when a consistent third creator comes in. There has to be another guy to shared the scoring load especially in the second half. Also, both Mammie and Sumang are usually heavily guarded – a double-team on Mammie, a good defender (remember how Newsome somewhat limited Roi?) on Sumang. Having another surefire creator will either loosen the guard on the two or give the Red Warriors another go-to guy when Sumang and Mammie are having a hard time going around their defenders.

This will be big for them if they find that third person.

Ball movement is getting better

The Red Warriors are pretty predictable on their offensive sets but recently, there’s been better ball movement within their offense. They’re setting up their plays and finding that open man; in this game, Alberto was able to put up a three off this play. However, they have to get better at their off ball movement because right now, there’s… nada. It’s basically the ballhandler versus the five opposing players. There’s no movement from the other four players to try to clear a lane for the ballhandler, free up a perimeter shooter or give Mammie a good set-up for the postup. We’ve said it here before, UE’s offense is just “controlled chaos,” on other times just chaos. Hopefully, they improve on their off ball movements for the second round. There’s no saying how sustainable relying on Mammie’s strength and Sumang’s creativity is.

Final Thoughts/Notable Things

1. Chris Javier kind of has the Buenafe Syndrome where when he makes a trey or midrange jumper, he starts to fall in love with it. He’s better when posting up and I think he should focus more on that. He’s got to be the one to produce from the paint when Mammie’s resting. And he turned the ball over FIVE times. What the poop.

2. In all the adrenaline and commotion, Roi Sumang loses a shoe.

3. Ralf Olivarez has been on/off this season but his last few minutes was just the kind of motivation he needs to hopefully step up more. He shoots two free throws, forces a turnover and makes a three. I mean, seriously?

4. How scary was Mammie when Olivarez sunk that trey? He looked like he was going to punch Olivarez out of happiness.

The Red Warriors celebrate as Olivarez sinks a BIG three-point shot. (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, UAAP Sports TV)

The Red Warriors celebrate as Olivarez sinks a BIG three-point shot. (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, UAAP Sports TV)

In the end, the Red Warriors are still finding their ground but this back-to-back win may be just what they needed to finally get it all together. For now, they have a long period to rest, regroup and improve as they prepare to battle against the currently winless UP Fighting Maroons on Saturday, July 27.