“I’m baaaaaaack.” // Jerome Ascano, Spin.ph

Oh hey, look at that, HB’s Snark Editor (seriously, don’t take it seriously) is still alive and well…busy proliferating his Jordan memes that he totally missed Barako Bull being renamed to Phoenix Fuel.

Wait, what, it’s not a rename? It’s a total overhaul?!


And they’ll be serious about competing and building a team, an actual team?!

By Jove, in what universe are we all living in where Barako has stopped trading away its best players and being the D-League of the SMC teams? Apparently, we live in it now.

While it hasn’t really been a flying start, there really has been a change with how the team actually plays. And it’s way beyond the stats. Sure, the Fuel Masters are pulling in a 113.2 ORTG and 107.2 DRTG (league average is at 105.4 on both categories), and probably playing their best basketball in the young conference. RR Garcia has seemingly transformed to his former MVP self while Rodney Brondial has done his own share for a nice 10 and 8 in two games so far.

But what changed for them really?

Management? Trust? I don’t know. But when you see your management in the stands, telling to people that we’re here to stay, we want to be competitive… it can really fire up your players.

Why do I say that? Well, think of it this way: would you even try to play your best knowing you’ll just end up being traded to the powerhouse teams and rot there? Wouldn’t you just show up in a game, get blown out, get your paycheck, and still end up getting traded to powerhouse teams and rot there?

Hammer Plays

What’s up with Philippine basketball and not getting your jumpers to sink?

Bad fundamentals? No fundamentals? Mental?

I don’t know man. It’s like we’ve been short on player development. We don’t develop at all. Or that’s just me after seeing a horrid UAAP Finals were go-to-guys bricked one shot after another. Or my standards for field goals is at 45% overall.

Or maybe, it’s just me wanting to gouge my eyes out after looking at a 36% FG for the entire game.

Fine, they’re kids, they’re still going to grow up and get better. But Jesus Christ man, you had an offseason to work on bad mechanics and yet what do we have here? A Juniors MVP who shoots worse than Derrick Rose with double vision? Who tends to scissor his legs  or not even get leg power on some?

And we haven’t talked about the ATROCIOUS shot selection Melecio pulls in.

Flare Screens out of Nowhere

“I’ma let it fly momma!!!” // Mon Rubio, The Shaded Lane

It has been a dream to play front office personnel.

You know, be The Man.

It’s no secret either that I try my best to really make an impression of how a team should be run, which players to target, which players to develop, retain, etc. I don’t know. I just get a kick out of it whenever I get to say “I told you so.”

Years ago, people said Chris Ross will just be Rajon Rondo. Pass-first, don’t-shoot kinda point guard. But you know what, dude’s been letting it fly since the All Filipino Cup Finals (Whaddup Alaska!). Sure, he’s just hitting 28.something percent from downtown. The league average is 35%. So, we’re kinda getting there.

And mind you, this shouldn’t be even possible since old dogs can’t learn new tricks, know what I mean?

Backdoor Cut

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