Harvey Carey struggled this conference (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, InterAKTV)


With the Commissioner’s Cup welcoming an influx of bigs (as teams try to take advantage of the no-height-limit rule) and Talk ‘N Text, in particular, welcoming a new and young addition in Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Carey’s role (and subsequently) his minutes were pushed down in favor of player’s that have the potential to do more. He’s still asked to provide energy off the bench, actualized via rebounds and added possessions, albeit in fewer minutes.


Looking at his conference numbers, nothing can be said to be “positive.” He did look like he played hard every minute. But his hustle didn’t result into anything positive except maybe for the occasional loose balls that he got for his club. That’s about it.


Where do I start? Well, for a player that’s not asked to handle the ball as much, Carey turns the ball over quite a lot (20.4% TOV%). This would have been all fine and dandy if he was making shots – but he isn’t. He shot HORRIBLY this conference (eFG of 30.6%). He struggled finishing inside because of the increased length from the imports and he was still missing his midrange jumpers.  But the most surprising thing about Carey’s season is his rebounding. His rebounding splits for this conference was 2.9/20/11.5 (remember, bigs are expected to produce somewhere around 10/20/15). That is offensive, defensive and total rebounding percentages, respectively. I can understand the decreased OREB% (that’s a natural part of Black ordering his men to run back on D) but to rebound just 3%? That’s almost at the guard level. Unacceptable.

Grade: 4

Normally, production has an inverse relationship with minutes (and/or usage). The higher one is, the lower the other becomes. So it’s surprising to see that Carey performed worse with fewer minutes. You can say that some players are like “diesel” – i.e., they get better the longer you use them – but I don’t buy it. Carey’s role is to be the energy guy off the bench, the one player who must not be affected by prolonged sittings or inconsistent playing time. He’ failed miserably with that role and TNT was left scrambling to find a replacement off-the-bench.


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