The De La Salle Green Archers has disappointed this year, but I won’t say that they have sucked. For a UAAP field that probably is the deepest in recent memory, a 5-6 record isn’t that bad. But let’s face it, La Salle has disappointed this year.

This Green Archers squad was hyped to have one of the best recruiting classes ever. They got the gem of 2015 in Andrei Caracut. Other than the former Red Cub, they also snatched John Gob of La Salle Greenhills, Jolo Go of Hope Christian High School, and Lorenzo Navarro of the San Sebastian Recoletos program. Plus they still had that Teng guy along with Perkins and Torres. It was safe to say that they had the talent to contend this year.

Lots of sports analysts (or “analysts,” for that matter) pegged them at number two, behind the dominant FEU Tamaraws. Who could blame them for putting them at the slot? They had the talent. They had the youth. Sure they may have lost big man Arnold Van Opstal to injury and Ben Mbala to errr… Manny Pacquiao, but they still had the firepower.

But sadly, that hasn’t been the case this year.

Thankfully, here in Humblebola, we have the stats on La Salle. Maybe this can answer some questions fans have regarding the Green Archers.

Let’s get started!


…. is the current 3-point percentage of the De La Salle Green Archers. So there you have it. Stats do show that La Salle is a bad three-point shooting team. How bad? Last in the league bad. I think that is enough proof as to how bad they are when it comes to making their long-range bombs. What makes it worse is that..


…. is the number of 3-point attempts La Salle has per game. This means that teams are wanting them to shoot the three. I don’t think it’s by design that Coach Juno Sauler wants the team to shoot this much three-pointers. Sure, he’d want them to shoot threes, but not third most in the league number of threes. If anything, the zone defense which teams implement make La Salle shoot three-point jumpers. It’s definitely worked. Just ask Adamson.


…. is the number of rebounds La Salle has per game. Let’s bring in some good news. That number is good for second in the league. The team they’re behind? The FEU Tamaraws. Advanced stats also prove to be kind with regards to La Salle’s rebounding, as they rank third when it comes to rebound rate. They may have lost their bigs, but they’re still rebounding well.


…. is the block rate of La Salle as of the moment. And the lack of bigs come into play. La Salle may have been getting the rebounds, but their rim protection has been suspect. In terms of advanced stats, they’re the worst in the league when it comes to block rate. In terms of regular stats, they’re the worst in the league when it comes to blocks per game. No way out of it.


…. is the number of turnovers Jeron Teng averages per game. That’s tops in the league tied with Adamson center Papi Sarr. It’s a pretty bad number. Nothing else has to be said.


…. is the Offensive Rating of Prince Rivero. I know people rave about Jeron as La Salle’s primary scorer, but Prince has been holding his own as well when it’s come to scoring. For players in La Salle who play at least 15 minutes per game, that’s the best in the team. The future is now.