The Ateneo Blue Eagles has had quite a season thus far.

4-3 is a record most teams would die to have at this juncture. But for the Ateneo Blue Eagles? That 4-3 record feels like 1-6 to the Ateneo community. After all, most of their wins have been squeakers against lowly teams. This is despite the clear advantage they have in terms of talent. Because of these ugly wins, it seems like Ateneo hired itself 1,000+ coaches for its team because of all the analysis that they have shared through social media. Some analysis have been correct. Some haven’t made sense. Despite all of that, I think we can analyze one thing which can be proven to be correct.


After all, stats don’t lie right? Sure, you can’t base everything off them. But statistics give you an objective and proven way of analyzing games. Thankfully, here in HumbleBola, we not only have regular stats, but advanced stats as well.

The point of this article is simple. I’ll be presenting some interesting statistics of the Ateneo Blue Eagles throughout the first round. Who knows? Maybe we can break some theories fans have had when it has come to the Blue Eagles.

Let’s get started!


…. is the current pace of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. This means that the Blue Eagles have an average of 77.6 possessions per game. Is this a good thing? Considering how the team is built and how they stack up against other teams, nope. This is not a good thing. At all. The league average for pace is 80.3, so that means the Hail Mary Squad have a pace that is below the league average. Their pace ranks sixth in the league, only better than UST and NU. Sure, UST has a better record than Ateneo, and NU is a strong team in their own right, but the pieces that they have in the team call for a slow pace when it comes to their game. For a team that lacks height and an inside presence down low? Nope. They need to play at a fast pace.


…. is the current True Shooting Percentage of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. This means that considering all the basic offensive statistics of the Blue Eagles (FG%, 3P% and FT%), Ateneo has an average of 42.9%. This is a bad thing. A VERY bad thing. This ranks sixth in the league, with UP and Adamson as the only two teams that trail the Blue Eagles. The league average for TS% is 45.3, so that means Ateneo is 2.4% below the average. If you ask me, it’s not the bricks of Kiefer that made Ateneo’s TSP so low. It’s their struggles from the free throw line. They’re free for a reason guys.


…. is the current Usage Percentage of Kiefer Ravena. This means well… Kiefer’s being used in the team. This pretty much backs up the claims of people, that yes, he is relied on so much by the Blue Eagles. This number tops in the league for players who play 10 or more minutes, with the next one in line coming in with a USG of 29.9%. ‘Nuff said.

87.0 vs. 96.0

….. is a comparison of the Offensive Rating of the team this season and last season. This means the Blue Eagles has had more trouble scoring in Season 78 than Season 77. To compare as well, the Blue Eagles played at identical paces for the past two seasons. Where lies the difference? Efficiency. Ateneo had a eFG% last year of 42.9%. This year? 39.9%. A three percent drop which led to a nine-point drop when it comes to ORTG.


…. is the current Assist Rate of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. This is a good thing. It’s a VERY GOOD thing. This means that out of all the field goal attempts of Ateneo, 63% of them were assisted. This also means that to some extent, Ateneo has actually done a good job when it has come to sharing the basketball. Also, this number tops in the league, with the UE Red Warriors following suit with a 62.5% AST%.


…. is the current Defensive Rating of Arvin Tolentino. Just to clarify, the lower the DRTG of a player, the better. The league average for DRTG is 85.4. Chibueze Ikeh has a DRTG of 79.6. Arvin’s DRTG is good for 3rd in the whole team. Does that mean that Arvin is the 3rd best defender in the team? Of course not. There are other factors as well to consider when it comes to defense. But what this means is that, we should actually give more credit to Arvin when it comes to the defensive end. For all his warts on offense, he’s actually posting a pretty good DRTG. Now if only he got more minutes to showcase more of his offense this time. #FreeArvinTolentino