The FEU Tamaraws are good.

Like, crazy good.

FEU basketball has become must-see TV for a lot of enthusiasts because of how efficient they have been when it has come to putting the ball in the basket. Plus of course almost every UAAP fan at this point wants to see them lose a basketball game. But then, FEU just decides to turn on the nitro and score.. and score.. and score.. until the buzzer sounds and you’re just standing there, hopeless, asking yourself what, and how the hell they were able to do that. Just ask the Ateneo Blue Eagles, De La Salle Green Archers and UE Red Warriors.

Based on the eye test alone, the Tamaraws look like they have been playing really good basketball. If you add stats into the equation… well yeah, they have indeed been playing very good basketball. We’re not just talking about regular box score stats. Thankfully here in Humblebola, we have advanced statistics to help us have a deeper look when it comes to how good (or bad) teams have been playing. For this article, I’ll be presenting some interesting stats that FEU has been putting up.

Let’s get started!


…. is the current Offensive Rating of the FEU Tamaraws. For comparison, the Ateneo Blue Eagles of Season 75 had an ORTG of 98.0, and we all know just how talented that batch of Blue Eagles were. The FEU Tamaraws are really good when it comes to putting the ball in the basket. REALLY GOOD. In fact, no one in the league comes even remotely close when it comes to matching this number. The UST Growling Tigers, who are also on top along with the Tamaraws, come in second with an ORTG of 89.0.


…. is their current Net Rating. Once again, this stat tops in the league with UST coming in at second with 8.7. No team comes close at this point.


…. is the current Effective Field Goal Percentage of the FEU Tamaraws. Not only are the Nash Racela-coached squads good when it comes to scoring the basket, but they’re also efficient. Once again, they’re also top in the league when it comes to this stat. No one comes close (again?!) when it comes to matching this stat of theirs. The NU Bulldogs come in second with a 42.9% average. This is getting ridiculous.


…. is the current Rebounding Rate of the FEU Tamaraws. Sure, they’re able to score well, but rebounding should also be a premium when it comes to basketball, right? And they have definitely been showing that. As per usual, FEU is at the top (I mean.. bruh) when it comes to TREB%, with a grittier NU Bulldogs team coming in second.


…. is the current Pace of the FEU Tamaraws. Pace is a stat that measures the amount of possessions a team gets in a game. The Tamaraws rank fourth when it comes to pace in the league, with the UE Red Warriors topping the league with a whopping 88.5. Is this a good thing for FEU? Well, I can’t really say. When you think about it, FEU can play at a fast or slow pace. This stat simply shows just how efficient they have been when it comes to scoring the basketball.


….. is the current Assist Rate of Mike Tolomia. I’ve always believed that for the FEU Tamaraws to be able to play awesome basketball, Mike Tolomia has to play awesome basketball as well. Notice how in the lone loss of the Tamaraws this round, Tolomia played his worst game. He registered 10 (!!) turnovers in that game alone. However, with this stat, it just goes to show just how good Mike has been for the Tamaraws this season. This means Mike assisted 37.1% of the field goals his teammates have made this season. This number is tops in the league, with elite guards Joseph Nalos and Kiefer Ravena following suit. No wonder people want to #BeLikeMike.


…. is the number of Win Shares of Player X. This number is tops for the FEU Tamaraws this season, and it ranks second in the league overall behind Kevin Ferrer. This means, Player X has contributed an estimate of 1.3 wins for the Morayta-based squad this season. So, who’s Player X? Is it Mac Belo? Tolomia? RR Pogoy? Nope. It’s none of those three. It’s the one leading the #TitoBasketball revolution himself, Raymar Jose. ENOUGH SAID. #TitoBasketball brings wins guys. It does.