Man was this ugly. They practically trashed every bit of X’s and O’s yesterday that I prophetically laid out, well okay, not that much. Who knew that me forgetting to talk about care for the ball would eventually come up? Or Charles Mammie’s continued immaturity as a player? Yesterday’s DLSU-UE matchup in UAAP Season 77 rivals what UST-AdU and Gilas’s LastHOMEStand snafu.

I think I jinxed Jason Perkins a bit after passing on that King Archer tag to him (I’M SORRY!). He had an awful game and had problems attacking  the defense and reacting on it. Still though, he had a hand in DLSU’s Season 77 record of 36 TOs. My God, that was killing my eyes where the Archers had four straight turnovers.

Kind of mind-boggling that they carved out the win. Well, they have a history of breaking UE hearts since Season 70 anyway. So, did they pass for the game or fail?

Reviewing the Keys of the Game


Roi Sumang and Chris Javier (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, Rappler)

Roi Sumang and Chris Javier (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, Rappler)

Roi Sumang didn’t particularly go nova on the Archers. In fact, he owns the week’s next worst shooting game after Ateneo’s Kiefer Ravena laid bricks on a 3-for-20 day. Sumang was the only Warrior to score in double digits and he needed 19 shots to manufacture 16 points while throwing the ball away four times. He did have five assists but next to the TOs, man that’s ugly.

La Salle realized that they need not have anyone to stop a supreme scorer (actually, they really don’t have a designated stopper or anyone who can lock down for that matter). It was a sort of hey, let Sumang beat us instead of his teammates collectively drowning us. The point guard tried his best to pull his team through but he was just a tad bit acrobatic at some points of the game (overall, matter of fact). Did anyone tell him he doesn’t score points for that?


Here I was thinking that Charles Mammie and Chris Javier would do some damage to the La Salle frontline but it went pfffffffft. Mammie is still stuck in limbo as Pumaren opts to go with Arafat more than the Sierra Leone native. While Arafat covers more area on the swarming defensive scheme of UE yesterday, Mammie would’ve pounded that rock offensively. Although that also proved to be his undoing, trying to plow through double-teams with a third man rushing to help, it would at least draw a foul or die trying.

Javier was steadily on the rise against UP and Adamson. But against a formidable La Salle frontline, the UE power forward was completely out of whack. Javier managed only two points on five shots and collared only six boards. His production has been on the decline since his first game of the season. Mind you, La Salle did not do anything special to stymie him. He couldn’t contain Norbert Torres who went Godzilla on UE, finishing with 14 points on nine shots and hauled in 14 rebounds for good measure.

I guess Mammie, Javier and Arafat were no problem after all.


I totally jinxed this one. Who would’ve though that Jason Perkins would only play 16:30 minutes and register two, TWO (!), points and seven rebounds? He also threw a huge chunk of the ball as he accounted for five of the 36 DLSU turnovers. I still believe that Perkins is the King Archer and not Teng as La Salle always look to him when they need a basket. He only got three shot attempts which can be credited for UE’s swarming defense and his inability to attack it wisely especially when they went three-big.

Hopefully, they still feed Hefty Lefty in the high post, elbows, low post, and Pick N Roll situations as the season goes on. Like I said, when they need a bucket, Perkins doesn’t disappoint.


Dan Alberto and Bong Galanza were nowhere to be found. Alberto even failed to attempt a single three the whole game. They were absent when Sumang needed them the most. Sauler prepared well against Manong Derrick’s snipers and had a surprise good game from Jeron Teng himself who finished with a season-high 18 points on 12 shots (making half!), six boards, four assists, 2 blocks and a steal. Rookie Prince Rivero also made a good account of himself scoring all eight of his points when DLSU made that run in the fourth quarter on top of five rebounds.


UE lost this game themselves as much as DLSU gutted it out for the win. It is scary that DLSU keeps pulling off these wins, displaying such poise in an early stage of the season. Imagine if these guys were rumbling at their peak. Kib Montalbo is not included however as he played 27 minutes and finished with nothing but two rebounds. You gotta at least record an assist or something if you play that long don’t you? Overrated.

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