Thought I’d never get to see another Red Wedding, but Rain or Shine’s 51 point massacre of the Alaska Aces last night was truly unexpected.

51… fifty one points. Let that sink in for a moment.

“Quotient system! Quotient system!” (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, Sports 5)

Rain or Shine got a monster game from Arizona Reid, who finished with 48 points (5/8 from three, 13/18 from two, 7/9 from the line, 10 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal), while also getting scoring from almost the entire team, with Ibanez and Rodriguez being the only scoreless players.

I’ve never seen a winning margin this big in any professional game. There’s a reason that these players are pros and there’s no reason for a collective of professional players to get blown out like this. Maybe there’s really more than what we’re seeing right now when it comes to the rumored turmoil inside the Alaska camp. But, for the purposes of this post, we won’t get into that and instead, focus on the (one sided) basketball that was played.

Let’s check out our keys of the game:

Paint and Paint

Rain or Shine dominated all aspects of this game except for one thing… rebounding. It’s simply amazing how they were still able to dominate this game despite being out rebounded 52-44.

Well, it did help that they Rain or Shine defense held Alaska to 39.7% shooting from inside the arc. This was made better by the fact that Alaska made it a point in this game to focus more on getting shots in the paint. Something that the Elasto Painters took advantage of by repeatedly denying and picking off countless entry passes into the post. Time and time again, an Alaska guard would try to lob a pass into the post, only for it to get picked off by the Rain or Shine defense.

In the end, the Aces racked up 27 turnovers, which Rain or Shine happily converted to a staggering 29 points off turnovers.

Keep Walker Outside

Walker tried to take it inside more in this game. He was noticeably making an effort to put the ball on the floor and attack the defense with Rain or Shine countering by rotating Ibanez and Norwood on Walker. The two Elasto Painter defenders may be lacking in size, but they were physical and athletic enough to deny Walker easy post position and direct lines to the basket. Doing enough to make Walker revert to his facilitator’s mentality (5 assists). The defensive intensity on Walker began even in the backcourt. At one point in the 2nd quarter, the Aces pulled off two consecutive defensive stops, with both possessions ending with turnovers by Walker, who was immediately met by a Rain or Shine defender as he received the ball coming down the court.

Walker was noticeably frustrated in this one. (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, Sports 5)

In the end, Walker finished with a team high 7 turnovers in a very frustrating 28 minutes of play.

Quick Hitters

Jeric Teng got the start from Coach Yeng in this one. He’s still struggling to find his shooting touch (5 points on 2/7 shooting), but he played good defense and didn’t do anything that forced Coach Yeng to take him out early.

How about Jonathan Uyloan? 5 points (2/4 shooting), 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 steals. That is a crazy line. His breakout performance this conference will definitely make life hard for Rain or Shine’s management this offseason when the protect 12/13 comes into play.

Jonathan Uyloan, ladies and gentlemen. (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, Sports 5)

Rain or Shine was crazy hot from three in this one, 15/33 of 45.5% from deep. It was nice to see Belga (2/2) and Arana (2/4) breaking out of their slumps.

AZ Reid was absolutely on fire in this one. He shot well from beyond the arc (5/8), but more impressive was his dominance inside. After a brief scuffle with Calvin Abueva, Reid tore Abueva and the Alaska defense apart, repeatedly getting and-one opportunities off strong cuts inside.

View from the Enemy: Alaska Aces