I didn’t expect that at all.

While I am happy with this dominant performance by Rain or Shine, this was just a disappointing performance from the Batang Pier who, after leading in the opening quarter, got absolutely shut down by the Elasto Painter defense en-route to a 94-74 blowout.

The Elasto Painters were not surprisingly led by Arizona Reid, but also got great contributions from Paul Lee (15 points, seven rebounds and two assists) and Ryan Arana (21 points, four rebounds, two assists on 7/7 shooting from inside the arc). For Globalport, only Cummings and Mercado finished in double figures, but the Batang Pier just got owned defensively, shooting just 31.7% from the field vs. Rain or Shine’s 43%.

Did the pink shoes and socks hold him back? (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, AKTV)

Did the pink shoes and socks hold him back? (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, AKTV)

Let’s review our keys to the game and see if the team dominated them as well.

 1. Keep the Train at the Station

Mercado looked good early, starting the game aggressive, while looking to set-up his teammates. However, the Rain or Shine defense did well to pack the paint and force Mercado into tough mid-range and three point shots. He also only finished with only four assists, but that’s more of a factor of his teammates missing shots rather than him not passing the ball. All in all, the Sol Train was able to leave the station, but was derailed before reaching its destination.

2. Paint the Paint

The Globalport defense was absolutely horrible in this game. Clearly, the interior defense offered by their bigs just wasn’t there as they allowed Rain or Shine to shoot a crazy 49.1% from inside the paint. With Reid constantly drawing a big out to the perimeter, the other players had an easy time getting into the paint and scoring almost at will.

3. Rainbow Colors

27.3% from three in this game. Definitely an improvement from their first game and Belga’s 0/1 stat line is definitely a good thing to see. He’s clearly struggling from outside and right now, one to two attempts per game should be where he’s at.

Great, great win for Rain or Shine as they now own a 2-0 conference leading record. Kudos to the team for putting in the effort, affording Norwood and Chan some more time to ease themselves back into the rotation. Really thought we’d see a much improved Globalport squad this time around, but with defense like that, they might just end up in the bottom of the barrel once again.