Ty Tang, Chris Tiu, Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

Ty Tang lost his minutes to his good friend, Chris Tiu. Can anyone say awkward? (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, AKTV)


If the Philippine Cup was any indication, TY Tang shouldn’t expect to get regular rotation minutes this conference. With the drafting of Chris Tiu, a healthy Paul Lee and Coach Yeng’s penchant for running the offense through Gabe Norwood, Tang suddenly finds himself buried on the bench beside Jonathan Uyloan. Safe to say, I expected to see the former La Salle court general in warm-ups for most of the conference.


Surprisingly, the Rain or Shine system was able to give Tang an average of around a quarter of playing time per game (fine, maybe that’s not so surprising). While he was on the court, Tang was able to orchestrate the ROS offense, assisting on 16.3% of the team’s made field goals. This stat becomes more impressive if we consider the fact that Tang is usually featured in line-ups where he would have to share court general duties alongside another point guard whenever Rain or Shine decides to go small and push the pace.


Despite being a point guard, TY Tang’s contributions to the team have become negligible. While he can spread the ball and facilitate the offense, he is often used nowadays as a spot-up shooter from beyond the arc (where he shot only 23% this past conference). Defensively, Tang had trouble with match-ups that were either faster or stronger than him. Something that surely forced Coach Yeng to keep him glued to the bench more. In the end, perhaps the biggest evidence of his dwindling contribution to the team would be his poor PER rating of 5.9.

Grade: 5

Clearly, Tang’s grade is the effect of circumstance. With Rain or Shine able to play Tiu, Norwood and even Lee ahead of him, Ty Tang definitely finds himself at crossroads at this point in his career. With other similarly built point guards like Monfort and Labagala getting significant playing time for other teams, Tang must feel that he still has what it takes to be a permanent rotation guy in a PBA team. Is he better off asking for a trade? It would all have to depend on what Rain or Shine’s long term vision for him is. Do they still believe in him and will continue to support his development? The drafting of Lee and Tiu the last two years seems to say otherwise.

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  Bruno Sundov