Jireh Ibanes, Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

The consummate captain (Photo Credit: Paolo Papa, InterAKTV)


There are only two things that can be expected of Jireh Ibañes in this Rain or Shine basketball team. First, he will serve his duties as this team’s captain admirably well and second, he will defend the hell out of whoever Coach Yeng asks him to guard (Hi James Yap!). Ibañes is one of those rare players that fully understands and accepts his role on their team. He does not expect a steady stream of minutes to come his way, but he will always be ready when his number is called.


Jireh Ibañes played his role perfectly this conference. With Jeff Chan having to sit out a number of games due to injury, Ibañes found himself playing around 15 minutes per game in 13 out of the team’s 14 elimination games.  While the team’s defense as a whole regressed this conference, Jireh was still an absolute pitbull on defense, as he was usually assigned to try to stop the opposing team’s leading local scorer when he was in the court.


While nobody really expects much from him on the offensive side of the court, Ibañes looked out of sync within the Rain or Shine offense at times this conference. For a team that preaches shooting the ball as long as you are open, Ibañes seemed to hesitate when it came to scoring outside the paint. Granted, Ibañes is a poor (21.4% in the Commissioner’s Cup) outside shooter, but I don’t think his coach would mind if he took a couple more open treys here and there.

Grade: 7

Admittedly, 15 minutes per game is a bit too much for a player like Jireh Ibañes. It’s amazing how the Rain or Shine offense was still so potent even if players like Ibañes got regular minutes. In any case, Ibañes is still a good fit for this team as his defense, leadership and veteran savvy helps keep the team’s engines humming.

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