Bruno Sundov, Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

Bruno Sundov had to do a lot of explaining to the refs last conference. (Photo Credit: AKTV)


The Rain or Shine Elasto Painters went into the import recruitment phase not looking for somebody that will dominate the ball and change the way they play. Instead, the team wanted an import that would fit into their system and make the team collectively better. Their choice of the 7’3 Bruno Sundov fits the bill perfectly for the Elasto Painters, with his height automatically making him a defensive presence inside, while his back-to-the-basket game and three-point range allow the team’s offense to both incorporate and flow thru him when needed. Entering the Commissioner’s Cup, the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters were confident that they finally found the perfect import for them and they fully expected a return trip to the finals.


As expected, Bruno Sundov led the team in points and rebounds in the Commissioner’s Cup. In around 34 minutes per game, Sundov averaged 22.3 points and 12.6 rebounds for Rain or Shine. His unmatched height allowed him to lord over opposing defenses on offense, easily getting his bevy of post moves to go without much resistance. Outside of the post, Sundov combined his towering frame with a reliable stroke to the tune of 41.5% from beyond the arc. He also wasn’t a liability on the free throw line, converting an average of five out of seven charities per game. When needed, Sundov was also a willing passer and facilitator out of the post, as he assisted on 13.8% of Rain or Shine’s made field goals when he was on the floor. All of his contributions on the floor led to a team-high Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 23.94 meaning that, among the entire team, Sundov contributed the most to the team’s success.


Notice how I never said anything about defense up there? No, Sundov is not a bad defender. In fact, his mere presence on the court automatically led to a number of altered shots. But his height, his limited speed and agility didn’t allow him to block a lot of shots (0.4 blocks per game) and much worse, this also got him into considerable foul trouble for most of the conference (4 fouls per game). Sundov may be Rain or Shine’s most efficient player, but his constant fouling left the team without the services of its import for crucial stretches.

Grade: 8

Bruno Sundov was close to a perfect fit for Rain or Shine. He was able to integrate himself well on the offensive end, picking his spots well and knowing when to take over and when to let his teammates carry the scoring load. Sadly, his inability to stay away from foul trouble put a lot of added pressure on the Elasto Painter defense. At the end of it all, his fouling out during their elimination game game against Ginebra could have cost Rain or Shine a championship.

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