Beau Belga
2.5Overall Score


One look at Beau Belga and you know exactly what you’re getting. In the recently concluded Commissioner’s Cup, Rain or Shine fans expected Big Beau to be the team’s defensive enforcer in the paint, while contributing well enough in points (inside and outside), rebounds and blocks to keep the team afloat and continue in its winning ways. Combined with Bruno Sundov inside, Rain or Shine fans expected the team to be one of, if not the most dominant teams in the paint both on offense and on defense.


With both Bruno Sundov and JR Quinahan struggling with foul trouble the entire conference, Big Beau had to do more than what he expected to in the last conference. This was especially true on the defensive end, where he was constantly Rain or Shine’s primary defender when it came to opposing imports. Throughout the conference, Belga used his imposing frame and veteran smarts to bother the imports he was guarding, forcing them to take tough, contested shots, and not allowing his team to be at a disadvantage while trotting out an all Filipino line-up for long stretches. Lastly, Belga also made sure that he finished the defensive possession successfully, grabbing 29% of all defensive rebounds and 17% of all available rebounds when he was on the floor.


For all his positives on the defensive end, Belga gave Rain or Shine almost nothing offensively in the Commissioner’s Cup. Maybe he just couldn’t sustain his energy on offense after having to carry the team’s defense, but he was only able to convert 39% of his two-point field goals and an even worse 15% from beyond the arc. This resulted to an effective field goal percentage (eFG%), true shooting percentage (TS%) and offensive rating (ORTG) of 31.9%, 33.7% and 71.5 respectively… all lowest among Rain or Shine players that averaged more than 10 minutes per game.


It all depends on how you look at it. For some, Beau Belga’s contributions on defense made him the team’s unsung hero. For others, his struggles on the offensive end is something that just can’t be accepted. For me? Well… I’m willing to somewhat forgive the atrocious offense, because a part of that is also because of Sundov’s absence on the floor. In the end, Big Beau Belga was serviceable for the Elasto Painters, but for a player like him, serviceable should be the minimum for every game.

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