We, well I exactly, gave Adamson no chance whatsoever to pull this off and La Salle did just that.

What’s surprising though is, did someone give my pregame chitchat to Kib Montalbo?! That aside, I’m not like eating my words or something since hey, it’s Adamson. Anyone’s bound to have a career game against those fellas, count in University of the Philippines too.

What did the Green Archers do right against the Falcons though? And did La Salle answer the questions we set up?


Teng in action against UE. (Photo Credits: Dante Diosina, NPPA)

Teng in action against UE. (Photo Credits: Dante Diosina, NPPA)

At the end of the game, Jeron Teng had two points on another woeful shooting day. 0-for-7 (why am I not surprised?), though he did make up for it with six rebounds and five assists. But still, Teng was recruited for his scoring prowess not his passing and rebounding ability (though that is a big bonus).

I’m not betting that he’ll get his act together anytime soon. For crying out loud, RoboSon, just head straight to the bucket and stop shooting pa-cute jump shots.


Green Archer rookie Abu Tratter goes up against UE's Chris Javier. (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida, GoArchers.com)

Green Archer rookie Abu Tratter goes up against UE’s Chris Javier. (Photo Credits: Joseph Nebrida, GoArchers.com)

Apparently, Arnold Van Opstal was out and Jason Perkins disappeared yet again. It seems the supersize group was effective for only one game and that was against NU that had its bigs decide to just shoot jumpers all day instead of going to the rack. Norbert Torres wasn’t even around too! What gives?

Anyway, it was a great game for the Supersize Lite in Abu Tratter, Prince Rivero, and Yutien Andrada (can we cut it with the Tayshaun?). Tratter (more on him later) gave us a taste of how it’s going to be in the future with Ben Mbala in the middle. Can I say, yikes and jeepers?


Prince Rivero and Julian Sargent finally got the playing time they wanted for it is a game against Adamson and you are allowed to experiment (same with UP after halftime). Sargent was splendid in putting up eight points off the pine (though he needed eight shots to do so), pulled a rebound, stole a ball, and dished it three times. And then Rivero, the rookie with a motor (Hi Arvin!) pumped in 12 points to go along with six boards and two assists. To round up the celebrated recruiting class, Abu Jahal Tratter showed up with seven, five rebounds, three dimes and a block starting in place of Norbert Torres.

I know Rivero can play (kid was a monster in the NCAA). But man, Tratter was supposed to be a special big for the Archers until I saw him ride the pine since opening day. This was a great confidence-booster for him and I hope he follows it up.


DLSU did as expected and shot Adamson down. There’s nothing else to say since they did their job unlike UST. You are supposed to blow the hell out of these guys and not win by a mere point. Kib Montalbo obviously had the best game of his career (18pts, 5rebs, 4ast) but I’m not budging from my decision to ditch him as a starter. It’s Adamson. You are bound to have a good game anytime you face their backcourt and the likes of Mikee Reyes.