One of Petron's biggest assets this Commissioner's Cup and for seasons to come has got to be Marcio Lassiter who can torch the net on any given night and put a lock on the opposition's top wing men in defense.  (Photo Credit: Paul  Ryan Tan, InterAKTV)

One of Petron’s biggest assets has got to be Marcio Lassiter who can torch the net on any given night and put a lock on the opposition’s top wing men in defense. (Photo Credit: Paul Ryan Tan, InterAKTV)


Getting healthier and recuperating from a back injury he got in the quarterfinals of the All Filipino Cup against San Mig Coffee, Marcio is one of Petron’s elite weapons on both ends of the floor as he can light up the scoreboard in any given night and give opposing shooting guards a nightmare on the defensive end. Given that he is 100% health-wise, he can be the PBA’s top shooting guard.


Marcio’s transfer to Petron hasn’t been fully seen by fans and the whole PBA because of the limitations of his injury. But for a player who is coming off a back injury from the past conference, Marcio made his mark as one of the best performers this conference. He emerged as the leading local scorer for the Blaze Boosters with 13.6 points and seventh in the league among locals in 15 games. His versatility on offense showed that he can find the open man. He was Petron’s third local assist man with 2.9 dimes a game behind point guards Alex Cabagnot and Denok Miranda. The Cal State Fullerton was also shooting the lights out from downtown as he connected 32 out of his 67 tries for  47% shooting from the three-point region, leading all locals in the league in that department.


Lassiter is not only known as an offensive player but also as a lock down defender. Sadly, he wasn’t playing defense at a high level this conference, probably because of his lingering back injury. There were games wherein he was slow on rotations and left his man open in some crucial moments. Another thing is his errors, he was the Blaze Boosters’ second leading local in turnovers with 1.67 a game.

Grade: 9

Marcio Lassiter was Petron’s Most Valuable Player in the conference. Considering that he wasn’t even supposed to play heavy minutes in the early goings of the Commissioner’s Cup, Lassiter stepped up to cover the absence of Chris Lutz who was sidelined for most of the eliminations due to a rib injury. Marcio’s outstanding game as a two-way player who can provide offense and play defense is one of Petron’s biggest advantages and puts him in the list of the best shooting guards in the PBA.

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