June Mar Fajardo, as young as he is, was able to hold his own and matched up well against imports taller than him in the Commissioner's Cup. (Photo Caption: Paul Ryan Tan, InterAKTV)

June Mar Fajardo, as young as he is, was able to hold his own and matched up well against imports taller than him in the Commissioner’s Cup. (Photo Caption: Paul Ryan Tan, InterAKTV)



With imports of unlimited height playing in the Commissioner’s Cup, Petron rookie center June Mar Fajardo’s main role is to be the guy manning the paint and holding his own against these giants, swatting shots, grabbing boards and playing a complimentary role to their reinforcement.


There’s a reason why June Mar Fajardo is tagged as the future of Philippine basketball and he showed this as he went head to head against taller imports. After a lackluster showing in their first few games, the 2012 PBA Draft’s top pick was able to make his stride in the succeeding games in which Petron made a five-game winning run. The former University of Cebu Webmaster didn’t disappoint when his role to the team got bigger after Renaldo Balkman was banned for life in the league. June Mar’s huge upside was in full display in the last three games of the Boosters including the quarterfinals, all against arch rivals Talk N Text wherein he outplayed former NBA player Jerome Jordan. Despite getting limited touches in 21.8 minutes of action, he emerged as the team’s second leading local scorer with 10.4 points a game from a 50% shooting clip.


For someone who started playing basketball in his college years, June Mar’s game still has a lot of polishing to do. He is somewhat a turnover prone player as he averaged 1.75 errors a game, leading all locals in the team. June Mar’s defense still needs a lot of improvement as he was often plagued with foul troubles due to late rotations, especially in pick and roll plays of the opposition. Fajardo’s focus and aggressiveness are also in need of some toughening up as there are some games that he seemed out of focus and too passive in the offensive end.

Grade: 8

Despite his inexperience going up against players larger than him in a high level of competition, June Mar was able to stand his ground this conference. He showed a glimpse of how dominant he can be in the future and he was able to showcase a lot of improvements in his game as compared to his Philippine Cup performance. Take note that in several games, The Kraken pulled off some moves from his mentor, Danny Ildefonso, which shows his willingness to learn. As Danny Ildefonso said, June Mar is Petron’s biggest asset on the court.

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