Are heroes made and not born?

In the National University Bulldogs’ second game for the second round, they proved that not everyone was born to the world as heroes. Sometimes, they are molded by experiences and situations that call for them to be one.

I’m proud to say that most of our favorite Bulldogs (assuming you’re an NU fan) stepped up to the plate when they were truly needed and I do think they deserve applause for the effort they have been giving as of recent. Every single one of the players for the Gold and Blue stepped on the court and contributed at least a point, a rebound or even an assist. If that’s going to be the same for the rest of the round, other teams have to watch out.


In their last game against the Adamson Soaring Falcons where they were clearly not communicating well and lost 68-66 after trying to stage a comeback in the third quarter, the Bulldogs were not shooting well while the Falcons’ just kept going inside. As if by fate, this recent game was a complete 180 degree turnaround—the NU Bulldogs were handing out assists like it was that easy to pass the ball, snatching rebounds like it was their life and how about that great ball movement? While Adamson was little by little falling apart, NU was coming alive.

Based by the numbers, most (if not all) of them were in National-U’s favor. Look at all the shots converted—I have not seen that high shooting percentage from the Bulldogs in games! Plus, the ball passing was at its finest. 23 assists by NU, nine of which came from the 5’11” NU starting point guard, Gelo Alolino. That’s doing it!

Review of the Keys to the game

Dude, let’s do defense

In my pregame article, there were three points where defense should be executed and boy, did that turn out well for them.

  1. On the rebounders. It’s clear to me that was accomplished. The boys from Sampaloc, snatched 41 rebounds, 11 of those were from their own missed shots while Adamson had 6 offensive rebounds out of 30 boards. Leading rebounders from the Falcons, Ingrid Sewa and Rodney Brondial  only had seven rebounds combined. That was good boxing out from the Bulldogs.
  2. On Roider Cabrera. This guy who solely carried the team in the previous outing, only had 12 points under his name which is none too much considering he scorched the Bulldogs last time.
  3. On Jericho Cruz. I don’t want to be Biblical here or anything but according to Joshua 6:1, “Now Jericho was shut up inside and outside because of the people of Israel.” Let’s just say, the people of Israel are the NU Bulldogs—that’s very prophetic, if I may say so myself. Kidding aside, the 6’0” shooting guard was way below his average of 15 ppg. He only had 11 points in the game, five converted shots out of 11 attempts. To Cruz’s defender, Maurice Porter, what have you been eating lately? Five claps for you.
It's sort of prophetical. (Photo Credit: Marlon A. Bernabe of BurnSports)

It’s sort of prophetical. (Photo Credit: Marlon A. Bernabe, BurnSports)

Where did you park, Parks?

The NU star player redeemed himself from a single-digit score last game to a smoking hot performance. He was everywhere! He scored 16 points, dished out five assists and snatched rebounds. That was the difference of this game. While Adamson’s starting shooting guard was under the weather, NU’s was on fire and that obviously gave them the shocking 32-point advantage as the game ended.

We're all in this together. (Photo Credit: Marlon A. Bernabe of BurnSports)

We’re all in this together. (Photo Credit: Marlon A. Bernabe, BurnSports)

We’re all in this together

And they were. Everyone scored, rebounded and assisted and that three-pointer from Kyle Neypes was the cherry on top of the icing.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered

Final Thoughts

The National University Bulldogs are on a roll.

✓ FEU Tamaraws

✓AdU Falcons

They have to keep doing the good on court communication and impressive ball movement if they want to keep winning, because right now, there’s no more room for mistakes. Right, well, no pressure. ;)