NU Bulldogs def. UE Red Warriors 88-61


John Lloyd Clemente, NU (21 points, 7/11 FG, 4/7 3FG)

He needed more than just One More Chance, but JLC FINALLY broke out. Granted, it was versus a struggling UE team, but NU fans will take it. If this means Clemente gets going the rest of the way, then it’s well worth it.

Dave Ildefonso, NU (14 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists)

This stat line by Dave should be more commonplace by the time he becomes a junior in the UAAP. He’s still a rookie, prone to errors, but these flashes of all-around dominance should excite fans.

Alvin Pasaol, UE (20 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals) 

We’re running out of words to say about Alvin. Best player on bad team, he deserves better, so on so forth, it’s like a broken record at this point. He’s an inevitable for UE, but even his greatness cannot be enough.


  • Coach Joe Silva and staff were frustrated at the result, and understandably so. After their breakout win versus FEU a few weeks back, they’ve struggled since then, specifically with their defense.
  • NU absolutely BULLIED UE, grabbing 55 rebounds versus the 31 of UE. That’s a +24 advantage, an ASTOUNDING number no matter the context. It wasn’t just Issa Gaye who did work, it was the entire Bulldogs team.
  • With that bullying, we’re witness to the upside of NU: their insane size at the perimeter. Think about it: Dave Ildefonso has been playing as a PG in spurts, while John Lloyd Clemente is more than capable of playing SG. Length for days. Upside for days. Only a matter of time before it all materializes into contention for NU.
  • We’ve said it time and again, this is going to be a process for UE. It won’t start with Alvin Pasaol. Neither with young players like Jojo Antiporda. Coach Joe tweeted it himself, “Defense.” He’s preached time and time again. Defense wins championships. And to start a winning culture, putting in effort on the defensive end is a great place to go to.