HumbleBola Writing Process

This is a detailed guide on submitting your articles for publishing at HumbleBola. Please make sure to read through everything and follow them as much as you can :)

Beat Writers

Step 1: Check your article deadlines in CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is our editorial calendar. You can access it by going into the Admin Interface and clicking on “Calendar” at the Sidebar Menu. Clicking this will take you to the Editorial Calendar:

This looks a little overwhelming because all the articles for all the writers are in here. To filter only your own article deadlines:

[notification type=”warning” title=””]IMPORTANT: These are the scheduled publish dates for your articles. Generally, you should submit your Draft one day before the publish date.[/notification]


Step 2: Write your article AND coordinate with Pam / Nicole for your feature image.

To start writing your article from the CoSchedule calendar, click the name of the article and it will bring up a pop-up window:


Pregame Primer
  • Short and bite-sized
  • Focus on first impressions on the match-up and just a general overview of the game

Draft Deadline: one day before the Publish Date at 4PM. (For example, if in CoSchedule it’s scheduled for Tuesday, your deadline is Monday 4PM.)

Postgame Analysis
  • Analytical and insightful, NOT a recap of the game
  • Infuse your personality in writing, always.
  • Ask Nico when you have questions on statistics.

Draft Deadline: one day after the Game Day at 4PM. (For example, if the game was on a Sunday, your deadline is Monday 4PM.)


While writing (not after) your article, coordinate with Pam or Nicole regarding your Feature Image design. YOU will be in charge of sourcing the photos for your feature image (the one that shows up on social media promos and on the homepage) and the images in your articles. Before sourcing elsewhere, please check our official database first in our shared Dropbox folder.

Some notes on using photos from other sources:

  • Take note of the NAME OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER and the NAME OF THE PUBLICATION. For example, “Jose Morales, Rappler.” Put the credit under each photo.
  • Always SAVE the photo in your computer and then UPLOAD to HumbleBola. Do not use the direct URL of the photo from the source.


Step 3: Submit your article for editing.

After writing your article, consult the Pre-Submission Checklist to make sure that you didn’t miss anything.

Pre-Submission Checklist

Once you’re done with that, save your article as “Pending Review.”


Step 4: Inform your head editor once done.

UAAP Head Editor: Martin

PBA Head Editor: Michael

You can do this checking off the “Write article” task AND by adding a comment in CoSchedule: