Every week, there are six to nine basketball games (depending on what league is currently on season). That can generate at most 36 different pre-game and post-game articles. Add to that the feature articles that we push out every week, it can get quite chaotic on the social media front.

Our Solution: CoSchedule


CoSchedule is an editorial calendar. No, scratch that – it’s the best editorial calendar we’ve tried in all (almost) three years we’ve been running this blog. Why?

  1. It’s a WordPress plug-in. So it’s easy to inject it into our current workflow since everything can be accessed right inside our WordPress dashboard.
  2. It’s a drag-and-drop calendar. Moving around articles and social media posts is as easy as dragging and dropping it.
  3. The Social Queue makes article promotion easy. Having the Social Queue just under the article editor makes it easy for us to create multiple social media promotions on the get-go. We can easily schedule promotions for the week, the month or even for a custom date. It’s makes it convenient for us to share our writer’s article to the people who loves reading them. Win-win.
  4. Tasks + Commenting System. This makes communicating within the team easy peasy. The task templates are efficient and the comment system is adequate enough and not overwhelming.



How it works for us

We’ve developed a simple but quite efficient workflow for us even before CoSchedule. But since this plug-in just sits inside our WordPress system, it was easy to integrate it into our workflow.

  • Our writers and editors work together to create a great article for our readers. The commenting system works wonders for this process since it’s easy for them to shoot feedback and ideas back and forth. Once they’re done, they tick off the appropriate box in the Task List.
  • Our graphic designers work with the writers to create the graphics for the article. Again, the commenting system is key here. Since it’s within the article editor page, it’s easy to reference the article while providing feedback.
  • Our layout editors + social media team pick up the article and add the final touches. This is where the Social Queue becomes handy. We can just create our social media posts for the day, the week and the month and we’re good to go!
  • Every now and then, we promote “oldies but goodies” articles. We use the Top Posts as our guide for articles that people loved and promote those when they become relevant again.

It’s definitely a compact + powerful solution for the fast-paced sports blogging world. And at $10 a month, it really is a good value for your money.

[notification type=”information” title=”We are not affiliated nor sponsored by CoSchedule.”]This is an honest review of the service in order for us to receive 50% off for the next year. Again, win-win.[/notification]