​As Ginebra exited out of the Cuneta Astrodome, mixed emotions was felt by the Barangay. Scottie Thompson had a heck of a game, showing the insane versatility he was known for in college. This guy is only a sophomore, and he was playing as if he was the best player in a team full of stars.
But despite that performance put up by EST, another lingering thought disturbed the minds of Ginebra fans. The image of Japeth Aguilar falling awkwardly during the 3:54 mark of the 2nd quarter was still fresh. The initial diagnosis was a hyperextended elbow. Nothing to lose sleep over, as Tim Cone mentioned, but that feeling of worry still stands.
As it stands right now, the Gin Kings sport a 5-4 record, good for 3rd in the league. But they’re obviously better than that. They have a ton of depth, showcased by the double digit performances put up by bench players Jervy Cruz and Dave Marcelo, and the talent they possess is worthy of a championship contender. This is why fans can’t help but be hopeful with regards to Ginebra.
But at the same time, a cloud of doubt continues to surround Ginebra. The curse of the Kangkong is practically gone already, but there’s another curse which every team fears.
Greg Slaughter is already out with injuries, which automatically puts Japeth as the last line of defense for the Gin Kings. Losing Japeth for a long time isn’t likely, but the very fact that he suffered an injury is enough to worry Ginebra fans.
The Gin Kings are a talented team, no doubt. But there are things which are out to stop them, and that’s something that they’re going to have to weather if they want to win a second straight championship.