Whew! What can I say? The FEU Tamaraw’s splendid offensive authority continues to flourish and it’s not like they’re not defending. The Tamaraws were able to score against the Tigers’s tight defense forcing the España-based ballers to give up points well beyond their average points allowed. What’s more, the Morayta cagers were able to deny the Tigers their usual production output. Talk about having a one-two punch in their arsenal huh! How can you beat that?

FEU Average Against UST UST Average Against FEU
Points Earned 81.80 77.00 71.25 67.00
Points Allowed 73.60 67.00 67.00 77.00

Let me lay down what the numbers tell us about this knock-out game by the Tamaraws.

eFG TOV%opponents
Average Against Each Other Average Against Each Other
Offense of FEU 46.14% 53.70% 19.68% 14.77%
Defense of UST 38.90% 37.14% 13.93% 14.63%

Game of the Outliers

For the sake our readers that are not that into Mathematics or shall I say, Statistics. Outlier is an observation that is numerically distant from the rest of the data, as defined in Wikipedia. Outliers can go on opposite ends, it can be extremely distant positively and negatively with respect to the usual value. Interestingly, the duel that occurs between UST and FEU gave us a good example of how outlier numbers could work for and against a Team, with the Tamaraws yielding as the beneficiary of the perks of outliers.

There are two statistical categories wherein the output of UST and FEU were observed as outliers, these are: effective Field Goal (eFG) and 3-point Made (3PTM).

League Average 42.43% 6.21
FEU 53.79% 11.00
UST 37.14% 2.00

Seeing the numbers above you’ll definitely notice that the Tigers have been slaughtered in the 3-point department and the Tamaraws have been just superb, almost doubling the usual 3PTM of most of the team. In this category alone, FEU snatched a 27 point advantage over UST. And the eFG battle didn’t help the Tigers as well, being behind by 16.65%. FEU’s sweet shooting is just too much for UST in that game.

Aljon Mariano shooting over the FEU defense. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMANews)

Aljon Mariano shooting over the FEU defense. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMANews)

Reviewing Keys to the Game

Own the Post

As mentioned in my pre-game, no one from FEU can guard and stop Karim Abdul, well this was evident in the first half. Abdul was just too strong and talented in the post during the first two quarters. His dominance inside the paint resulted to seven free throw attempts (seven by halftime of the nine attempts he had in the ball game), unfortunately he only shot 42.9%.

During the meltdown of the Tigers in the fourth period, Abdul was not positioning himself at the post and this resulted to too many outside shots, particularly beyond the arc. At the end of the first half UST shot five times from the 3-point line but at the end of the game this ballooned to 16 and the worst part was they converted only two of these many attempts, giving them below average 3PT% of 12.5%.

FEU 48.57% 47.06%
*UE 59.38% 50.00%
NU 29.51% 44.44%
AdU 47.06% 43.75%
DLSU 44.62% 51.72%
*Without Charles Mammie
Take Care of the Charities

The Tigers were able to go to the line as much as they can and shot a decent 62.5%, but it would be better if they were able to at least match their average FTA and FT% at 28.2 and 70.21%, respectively. They could have scored at least four more points and this could have probably changed the complexion of the ball game (maybe, just maybe).

FEU 6 9 66.7 21.43
UST 15 24 62.5 9.09
Pressure the Ball Handler

Whoever imposes their proficiency in controlling the ball, be it taking care of it or forcing their counterpart to lose it will have an edge in this game.

The Tamaraws definitely ruled this one, they took care of their possessions, they forced the Tigers to commit more turnovers, and they tallied more TO points.

Steals TOs TO PTs
FEU 1 12 13
UST 2 14 10

FEU just displayed magnificent field goal shooting, especially from the 3-point country. They committed less TOs, and scored more TO points end of story. No excuses, the Tigers were outplayed by the Tamaraws.

Looking Forward

After this gruelling match, the Tigers will be facing the winless UP Maroons. Hopefully, after being outclassed by the Tamaraws they will be motivated to bounce back and won’t take the Maroons lightly. An impressive win against the cellar dweller is needed for them to boost their confidence in preparation to yet another rubber match against the peaking ADMU Blue Eagles.