Game Notes

  1. GlobalPort has started slow in the past 2 ball games. They struggled in the past 2 games to find their groove on offense early but tend to find it somewhere in the middle of the first. Hopefully GlobalPort can address this problem, or maybe its just nerves.
  2. Interesting that Romeo who doesn’t usually dribble on Free Throws (even back in college, or the first game of GlobalPort), dribbled when he was at the line but no complains here as he sank 8 out of 9 at the stripe. He also had a breakout 34 point game performance on 17 shots. What’s impressive is that a lot of the shots were also in the flow of the offense. Good job by Swaggy T. (College career high was 33)
  3. Interesting that Kelly Nabong didn’t play in the game vs. Air 21. Was Kelly injured or was it a coaching decision? In any case, Eric Menk had a great night for GlobalPort with 7 points and 10 rebounds. The Eric Menk pickup could be huge for the Batang Pier as he could be a solid big for them throughout the season.
  4. Great to see GlobalPort is getting better on defense. They’re not an elite defensive team in the league yet but its great to see they’re doing the little things like talking on defense. The team is definitely going to get better as the season progresses. Here’s a clip of Sol Mercado shouting “Switch Switch Switch”.

The Big Three

By looking at the first two games, GlobalPort has itself a nice big three coming along. Sol Mercado, Jay Washington, and Terrence Romeo are going to be relied upon for a huge chunk of the offense.

Big three shots points assistsbig three percentage of

The trio of Mercado, Washington and Romeo account for more than half of the team’s shots, points and assists. It looks like the team will depend on these three guys to do the heavy lifting on offense. These three are excellent scorers and capable playmakers so it does make sense that this is how they structured their offense. Teams will rack their brains trying to figure out how to stop these guys especially when all of them are on the floor at the same time.

The Romeo Hype

Romeo shooting. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMANews)

Romeo shooting. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMANews)

After the game vs. Air 21, there was so much hype on the young rookie. Even the longtime PBA veteran Eric Menk told the media Terrence Romeo’s game reminded him of Mark Caguioa. Coach Ticzon and Sol Mercado also both have expressed their thoughts that the kid was special. I’ve also been seeing the young buck being compared to PBA superstars like Gary David and James Yap.

How do we make sense of all this? Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a 34 point outburst from Romeo so soon and in just his 2nd game. Most people who followed Romeo’s collegiate career knew this kid was an elite scorer but there’s always this uncertainty for all prospects entering the professional league. For me, from what I’ve seen in the 2 games Romeo has played, I believe Swaggy T’s going to be a solid player for many years and a force to be reckoned with in the PBA. Will he ever reach that superstar status like a James Yap or Mark Caguioa? Only time will tell, but he certainly has that upside. Swaggy T is legit.

Keys to the game

Make it rain

GlobalPort had a nice night beyond the arc shooting 10/27 (37%). The three ball was a big part of their success and will be a big part of their offense moving forward. The good shooting night was also in big part because of Romeo’s 6/9 shooting from three. Credit Sol Mercado for finding the open Romeo on most of his three point attempts. Hopefully GlobalPort can keep this up. Barako also lit up the arena from beyond the arc against Air 21 so the bad perimeter defense by the Express might’ve also helped.

Sharing is caring

GlobalPort had 14 assists vs. Petron and their offense looked sloppy. They looked better moving the ball in the game vs. Air 21 and it showed in the box score with 27 assists. Good job by the Batang Pier.

Capitalize on PG woes

GlobalPort did a decent job forcing turnovers. Air 21 ended up with 15 turnovers to end the night.

Final Thoughts

They have some catching up to do against the elite teams in the PBA but GlobalPort has shown signs of progress. Their offense and defense look much better compared to the first game. To tell you the truth I’m not even that worried about the offense of GlobalPort, they have a bunch of scorers. The lack of an athletic wing defender and a rim protector may be a concern for GlobalPort though but I’m nitpicking. Its great for GlobalPort that they’ve notched their first win and they will definitely get better as the season progresses.

Disclaimer: All videos are courtesy of PBAReplayTV/Sports5/PBA