View from the Enemy: Adamson Soaring Falcons

The UE Red Warriors, now 1-1, will go up against the Adamson Soaring Falcons, also 1-1, this Wednesday (July 10) at the Araneta Coliseum.

The UE Red Warriors are coming of an heart-attack inducing game against the NU Bulldogs. It was a game that featured a resilient UE team unwilling to buckle amidst the pressure of an NU offensive raring to take the game away from the Warriors. It was comfirmation that their  summer worth of preparation would be all worth it.

The Adamson Falcons, similar to the UE Red Warriors, reloaded big time this offseason. With Camson and Nuyles (their two top dogs in the past few seasons) losing their eligibility, the Falcons had to completely re-haul their roster. Between Jericho Cruz, Axel Iñigo and Ingrid Sewa, the Falcons have a lot of new faces that provide new dimensions to their group. Most important among them is Jericho Cruz – the swingman thrust into the shadow that Nuyles left behind. Can he get it done against the Red Warriors? We’ll have to wait and see.

Keys to the Game

1. Rebounding it all

Mammie is up against the Ingrid Sewa, Adamson’s prized rookie center, and Rodney Brondial. For the two games they’ve played each, here are their rebounding splits:


UE Red Warriors main rebounders are Mammie and Santos. We can see from the table how Mammie can match up against Brondial in terms of rebounding but Brondial gets some help in this department from Sewa. In order to win the battle of the boards, Adi Santos needs to step up and help Mammie. He’s the next guy who’s active enough to fight for the rebound and he needs to bring his A-game on Wednesday (July 10).

2. Force Falcons to take jumpers
The UE Red Warriors needs to capitalize on the jumpshot weakness of Adamson. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News Online)

The UE Red Warriors needs to capitalize on the jumpshot weakness of Adamson. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News Online)

The Falcons are best when driving and slashing to the basket but hopeless when it comes to midrange and maybe even long range jumpshots, as evidenced by their midrange percentage (21.4% against UST, 20% against UP) and three-point percentage (25% against UST, 23.1% against UP). This means strong inside defense from the Warriors to prevent the Falcons from driving and scoring from the paint and applying half-court pressure to hopefully draw them into shooting from way beyond their comfort zone.

3. Put some Sugar on that Suman(g)

Look, Sumang needs help bad. He’s good, but the other times will key in on him, whether he likes it or not. He’ll still produce despite the added defensive attention (evidenced by the fact that he’s produced 96.3 and 104.7 points per 100-possession over UE’s first two games). The question now is whether someone can provide some added flavor into that cuisine. Mammie can be like the latik and Jumao-as can be like the sugar. Two different spice, same taste – sweet and makes the Suman(g) taste SO much better.


This game will be all about defending the paint and preventing the Falcons from driving. If the UE Red Warriors can do that, they have a good chance of winning. I’m hoping to see more of Jumao-as’ beautiful attacks, Javier and Santos posting up and hopefully, Olivarez and Casajeros can cover the perimeter.

The Red Warriors win this one.