View from the Enemy: UP Fighting Maroons


National-U Boys keeping their head in the game. (Photo Credit: Richard Esguerra, UAAPSports.TV)

Coming from a big win against UST Growling Tigers, National University Bulldogs is scheduled to head into a game with a feisty UP Fighting Maroons. Although it may look like it’s an uneven match up, the Bulldogs should keep their head above water. The boys in Maroon can manage to get close to their opponents and it’s something NU should never let them do. According to an interview, Coach Eric Altamirano said that the problem with his team is that they become too lax in the middle of their games and it’s the one thing they should never do against UP.

Keys to the Game

Never relax

No matter who their up against, the team in Gold and Blue are in a blood bath. If they really want to get into the Final Four again, or even win the whole season, they need every win they could get. If they decide to relax, the Fighting Maroons could just jump out from nowhere and swipe the win under their nose.


Defense + Offense (Photo Credit: Richard Esguerra, UAAPSports.TV)

Translate Opponent’s Turnovers

In their last game against the Growling Tigers, NU Bulldogs only scored eight points from UST’s 14 turnovers while their opponent had 10 points from NU’s 17 turnovers. They should be able to translate UP’s turnovers into points and as well as getting back to defense after turning over the ball.

Keep an eye on Marata

Joseph Marata has been the leader in terms of scoring for UP. In their last three outings, he only scored below 20 once and it was against FEU. If the Bulldogs are determined to shake off the Maroons early in the game, they must put down defense on Marata.


National-U Bulldogs have a high possibility to come out victorious in this bout happening in MOA Arena on Sunday, June 14 at 2 pm but they have to keep their head in the game. They should never be complacent and they should never count out any team, much less UP. They have to bring in shots after shots and go down on defense—keeping in check their turnovers and fouls—to secure the win.