View from the Enemy: FEU Tamaraws

All teams are set for another round of UAAP Season 76 Basketball—National University Bulldogs being one of them. They are going up against the FEU Tamaraws who are on top of the billing with a record of 7-0.

Take two.

After a terrible loss against them in the last round, the guys from Sampaloc are out to get them back. It will take a little more of shooting and a lot of more team work to do just that.


Clearly, the numbers aren’t in the Bulldogs’ favor but with new-found camaraderie and understanding, it’s bound to get better for them.

If you’re an NU hopeful, you might have been grimacing at the stats above. I mean, who wouldn’t? That was a lousy game the boys played. Just look at the difference of their field goal percentages! If I could only tweaked it to make it a little better, I would but I couldn’t no matter how much I want to. It’s burning my eyes! OA much? But seriously though, they have to work harder.

Let’s double time, people!

Offense, yes? (Photo Credit: Inboundpass)

Offense, yes? (Photo Credit: Inboundpass)

Okay enough of that. Let’s try and translate what happened in that game and what could things better. From the get-go, the Tamaraws were charging—making three-pointers was a piece of cake—while it was eerily quiet on the Gold and Blue side and it showed in the numbers. The Bulldogs managed to only convert 25 out of 75 attempts—that’s 33.3%! And while that was happening, FEU was converting three after three. They had a good time from beyond the arc getting in 15 shots out of 29 attempts. SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS. SERIOUSLY.

Although, rebound-wise, with or without supposed-to-be prized rookie center Alfred Aroga, NU dominated in the paint getting 49 rebounds and they were especially active in getting back their own misses. They scored 26 second chance points compared to the Tamaraws’ 19. When you see how much hard work they put into getting rebounds, you smile a bit but then you see the difference in assists.

Well, bye.

The National-U Bulldogs lack two things in this game (other than scoring, of course). It’s communication inside the court and getting their point guard to work. Knock knock Gelo Alolino, are you there? Um, well, we kind of need you to step up to the plate, please.

This team, obviously, is lacking orchestrated plays (which start with the point guard) and passing. NU guards, I know the weather’s making us all sleepy but someone needs to wake up. There’s no time to hibernate.

Keys to the game

Chill out Romeo

Objectively speaking, this guy is doing good for himself and for his team. Just look at his averages: 22.5 points, 6.2 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.4 steals. Clearly, he’s on fire and SOMEONE NEEDS TO POUR A BUCKET OF ICE-COLD WATER OVER HIM.

Preferably, someone from National University Bulldogs. Terrence Romeo is the core of this FEU team and NU cannot afford to let him take over the game.


Hose him down. (Photo Credit: Mark Cristino, ABS-CBN News)

No offense, we need offense

Like seriously. Men can’t live on bread alone just like the NU Bulldogs can’t live on defense alone. Some scoring would do, if that’s possible.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been missing Dennice Villamor’s hardcore threes or Ray Parks’ courageous drives to the basket. If you’re saying ‘no’… ha, don’t kid me.

Channel your ESP

We need communication inside the court. If the lack of assists and passing does not tell you that, I don’t know what else can. Someone needs to step up and claim the point guard position. Again I ask, WRU GELO?

Last Words

I still believe in you, National University Bulldogs. They wouldn’t be naming you as the team to beat this season for nothing. It’s been a rough first round but we’re coming into a new one. Get rid of the bitter memories and let’s start anew.

I’m actually pretty excited for the come out of this game. The National University Bulldogs who are triple-tied with the UST Growling Tigers and the UE Red Warriors are going up against the FEU Tamaraws on the kick-off day of UAAP Season 76 Basketball round two at 4 PM on Aug. 14 Wednesday at The Big Dome.