View from the Enemy: DLSU Green Archers

Here we are, ladies and gents. The National University Bulldogs are capping off their first round adventure with a game against the DLSU Green Archers. With that being said, it has been a roller coaster ride for the boys in Gold and Blue, losing consecutively to the FEU Tamaraws and the Adamson Falcons. They are looking to end the round with a 4-3 record. A record that left NU hopefuls a little disappointed considering how talented the team is and how much they were talked about during the pre-season.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Will they pull through?”

Hard to say. If you ask me right now to list down what’s wrong with team, I can fill a library with answers. If you ask me how they could win games, I could give you a 30-minute-long answer. If you quiz me on what is going right for the Bulldogs in quick fire, I’ll answer you with one word. Nothing—besides the occasional lucky swishes from Bobby Ray Parks Jr.

Hey now, I’m not saying the NU Bulldogs are losing this battle but they are definitely on a down-slope. Especially if they don’t wake up! It’s like being on an airplane that’s on the verge of crashing, if they don’t act quick, they’ll end up crashing, burning and dying along with it.

But still, I’m on Team NU. And I have faith and hope for this team.

Keys to the game:

Finding Offense

That’s first on the list if National-U wants to go back into the winning column. In the past three games, they have been below 40% in terms of field goal shooting. That’s very low, bearing in mind that this team is filled to the brim with shooting forwards like Jeoff Javillonar, Dennice Villamor, Glenn Khonbuntin and Parks. Adding in big players that can rebound and as well as score like Emmanuel Mbe and Troy Rosario. So with that, pardon my all-caps but WHERE THE HELL IS THE NU OFFENSE?

It's been a while. (Photo Credit: Diana Moraleda)

It’s been a while. (Photo Credit: Diana Moraleda)

Stop the AVO-lution

Arnold van Opstal will surely be there for the Green Archers—maybe in his pink basketball shoes too. This Archer and all his 6’7” stance is very aggressive under the basket and that’s something the Bulldogs should be concerned about. If they can outrebound Van Opstal and the Green Archers, they’ll definitely control this game.

Shake it off

I’ve learned in my Literature classes that there are different kinds of conflicts in a story. Man vs. Man, Man vs. Supernatural, (this is the part where I check my notes because I forgot the other two, lol) Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Himself. To me, it seems like the boys from Sampaloc are having problems with themselves. It’s a Man vs. Himself conflict. They have got to shake off whatever it is holding them back; whether it is the defense, the coaching staff, or themselves. They have to focus and keep their head in the game. Sorry, I just had to quote Troy Bolton.

A conflict of man vs. himself. (Photo Credit:

A conflict of man vs. himself. (Photo Credit:


I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that we’re going to lose this game to La Salle but I have faith in the boys. I admit, this is going to be tough especially with their mentality right now. It’s going to be difficult but whatever the outcome of this game is, I’m sure, come second round, the National University Bulldogs are coming back and they will bite harder.