View from the Enemy: Adamson Soaring Falcons



That’s the name of the game for the National University Bulldogs especially now that they are once again going up against Adamson Soaring Falcons who they lost to in the first round. It was a terrible lost for the Bulldogs but to their credit, they took it as a wake-up call and were able to beat their opponent the next game.

Speaking of that round one bout, let’s take a look at the stats:


As usual, NU’s offense was non-existent (only converting 24 out of 66 attempts) and compared to Adamson, they acquired a lot of their points from the free throw line as they were sent there frequently. They were actually better than the opposing team rebound-wise. NU big men limited their Falcon counterparts from getting missed shots, snatching 40 boards in contrast to AdU’s 35. That was good boxing-out skills from the likes of Emmanuel Mbe and Troy Rosario keeping Ingrid Sewa and Rodney Brondial out the paint. It was also good to see the hustle of the Bulldogs from getting their own missed attempts, acquiring 18 offensive rebounds and scoring 14 points off those.

Keys to the Game

Dude, let’s do defense.

There are three points at which this should be executed:

  1. On the rebounders. If National-U big guys can limit the team from getting rebounds, then they can do it again. They should especially focus on keeping Sewa and Brondial, who had 13 and 8 boards respectively, away from the paint. In their last bout, the boys from Sampaloc were active on getting their own miss and putting it back for a basket and that is what they should bring once again in this ball game.
  2. On Roider Cabrera. This dude, who was 66.7% from the three-point line, should never be left open. His NU defender must never give him a good view of the basket—whether from beyond the arc, midrange or at the rim. Simple as that.

    (Photo Credit:

    (Photo Credit:

  3. On Jericho Cruz. The guy has been completing and creating plays for his team so the Bulldogs have to be really close when defending him. Can Maurice Porter contain the Falcon superstar like he did on FEU’s Terrence Romeo?
Where did you park, Parks?

The reigning King Bulldog has been inconsistent in his past few games—only averaging 17.4 points which is unusual seeing that his average points per game last season was 21.4. So where is Bobby Ray Parks Jr. these days? He’s been creating plays for his teammates. In their last game against the Soaring Falcons he dished out more assists (six) than their usual point guard. If you see from another angle, it’s actually pretty good that he’s been doing things other than scoring but I can’t help but say, I really miss Ray’s drives to the baskets.

Where did he go? (Photo Credit: Marlon A. Bernabe of BurnSports)

Where did he go? (Photo Credit: Marlon A. Bernabe of BurnSports)

We’re all in this together.

Just like how that High School Musical song goes. Everyone must once again contribute—whether through scoring or through defense. We need to see Tristan Perez scoring two or more baskets again, we need to see hustle plays from Gelo Alolino and we need to continue the good communication inside the court.


I’m sure with the recent victory against FEU Tamaraws, the NU Bulldogs are pumped and ready to get another W to boost their record 6-4. Everyone’s better, grander and the Bulldogs are not going to be left out because what we really want is to be on top of the standings.

The Bulldogs are going up against the Falcons on Aug. 18 2 pm at the Mall of Asia Arena.