View from the Enemy: Adamson Soaring Falcons

The National University Bulldogs have a full plate coming towards the end of the first round. After losing to the FEU Tamaraws, they have to go up against Adamson Soaring Falcons, and then DLSU Green Archers to close it out. It’s definitely going to be a tough one.

First on the list is Adamson who had just recently lost to the Ateneo Blue Eagles and are fourth in the standings (2-2). The Soaring Falcons are a very tough team to beat. They would probably want to bounce back and that’s something the Bulldogs should clearly watch out for, as they themselves would want to get back to the winning side as well.

Keys to the Game

Locate and lockdown Sewa

In the Bulldogs’ last outing, they outrebounded FEU, 49-41. They have to bring the exact same thing coming into the game against the Falcons. Emmanuel Mbe, the starting center for the Gold and Blue, has to challenge Ingrid Sewa under the basket. Of course, he can’t do it alone. Big guys like Troy Rosario and Jeoff Javillonar have to contribute in rebounding as well. If they can hold off Sewa like they had with FEU’s Christian Sentchu and Anthony Hargrove, they could dominate in this department.


Mbe’s rebounds. (Photo Credit: InterAksyon)

Demolish Jericho

Despite losing to Ateneo, Jericho Cruz managed to get 21 points, seven rebounds and three assists in that game. The NU boys must limit his scoring and hamper his play-making ability. Defense must be on him (but not entirely). They still have Roider Cabrera and Rodney Brondial to think about. The pair had 22 points and nine rebounds combined.

Get Offensive

The only thing lacking from National-U’s game lately has been the scoring. Teams cannot live on defense alone. In their last game against FEU, the team shot 25 out of 75 attempts (33.3 FG%) . It was a horrible sight to see. They have to turn this thing around and focus on the offensive end. They also have to squeeze in most, if not all of their charities. Free throw shooting has been a big part of NU’s point production lately. The team went to the line 32 times last game and only missing four shots.



Parks needs to shake it off. (Photo Credit: Josh Albelda, UAAP Sports TV)

There have been some rumblings going around that Bobby Ray Parks Jr. is not performing well as of late. He’s been living at the line lately and hasn’t shot well from the field. As I’ve been saying the past few games, if Parks can shake off the defense this time and attack the basket like he usually does, he’ll get his points from the field soon enough. The NU Bulldogs weren’t media favorites for no reason. They’ll be bouncing back in this game, demoralizing their opponents and will come out victors in this match happening at the MOA Arena, July 20, 2013 at 4 pm.