So the Meralco Bolts seem to have gotten off the wrong foot for this PBA season. That might actually be an understatement. Losing three games is one thing, but losing a game to the Blackwater Elite and getting blown out by the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters is not a good way to kick things off.

They are now the only team without a win this season.

Let that sink in for a second.

In a league where you have the Blackwater Elite, Mahindra Enforcers, and Barako Bull (no offense to them, but I’m just being realistic), it is the Meralco Bolts that are the lone team to have not recorded a W.

On a brighter note, they will be playing the Barako Bull in their next game and if they can’t break the egg in this game… the future doesn’t seem very bright.

Barako Bull “boasts” the PBA’s worst offensive rating at 90.6 with an efficiency rate of 40.6 eFG% which should sound like sweet music to the Meralco Bolts who are really struggling on defense. By struggling, I mean that their league-worst defensive rating of 107.6 is a good 4.3 points higher than the second-worst DRTG owned by Talk ‘N Text.

Admittingly, I have yet to watch the Barako Bull play a single game this season but I find that the level of play that Willy Wilson has produced (20.4 PER, 109.9 ORTG, 95.9 DRTG) is something that teams should really look into.

The thing is, the Bolts shouldn’t be worrying too much about the Barako Bull. They should be more worried about how they handle themselves.

At 21.9%, they are by far the worst three-point shooting team in the league. That causes major problems in their spacing issues, especially when you have slashing wings looking to penetrate to the rim every time they get the ball. It might be too much to ask for them to suddenly turn into the Golden State Warriors, but the coaching staff might look into something they might be able to change to get their players to get cleaner shots from long range.

And that defense…

If you account Joseph Sedurifa‘s 10 minutes played, he would be the Bolts’ best defensive player at 84.4 DRTG. But if we’re talking major minute players, only Cliff Hodge registered a below league averaged 103.9 DRTG. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Bolts just can’t seem to defend anyone.

We’ll get to see if the Bolts finally figure something out or if they will continue to spiral downwards into the depths of the PBA basement dwellers.

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TIME: 3:00 PM