View from the Enemy: De La Salle Green Archers

The FEU Tamaraws have lost for the first time this season. Since then, public opinion on Terrence Romeo has changed for the worse with a former ADMU Blue Eagle star leading the way. That day, Nico Salva sent several tweets that caught the attention of Romeo. That would eventually be the start of the Twitter war between them. Yes, drama, the UAAP is officially back.

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I loved that Coach Nash used “tho”. (Photo Credit:

Racela postgame quotes

 “He was taking his shots, probably the same shots he was taking in the first round. Today he wasn’t making them,”

“It’s Terrence. You take the good as well as the bad, ganun talaga,”

“I don’t think he will be an effective player kapag inalis mo sa kanya lahat ng ganun.”

“As a coach, ang target ko lang is to minimize that, pakonti-konti, and maybe later, mawala ‘yun. But he cannot change overnight, and as a coach I have to be very, very patient,”

Romeo quote

“Ang iniisip ko lang, basta gagawin ko kung ano ‘yung tama,” said Romeo after the game. “That time, sa pagkakaalam ko, kaya ko naman gawin ‘yun eh.”

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I’ve said it in my previous article. Romeo didn’t play much different from the first round. They still followed the game plan, although not to perfection. He didn’t change much from the first round, he was just missing. There are also reports that he “let himself go” a little during the two-week break so that could be a factor. There are also variables like loss of momentum and rust. If you’re an FEU fan, this is good news. Conditioning can be fixed, game exposure and practice should take care of the rust. Most of FEU’s issues are fixable, and in my opinion, they will return to the high level of basketball they were playing in the first round.

Hargrove blocks AVO. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News)

Hargrove blocks AVO. (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News)

Keys to the game

The first round matchup of FEU vs. DLSU in season 76 ended up in one of the greatest comebacks in UAAP history. FEU was down 12 with 1:53 left in the fourth quarter, and sparked a 12-0 run to send it to overtime and win the game. It will be interesting to see how DLSU will respond in the second round matchup.

Rest of team must step up

The team shot horribly in the NU matchup. Everyone was missing except RR Garcia. Tolomia, Romeo and Garcia always have to step up. It’s a given, but the rest of the team also has to shoot well. They shot 9/29 (31%) against the Bulldogs and should be better on Sunday to alleviate the pressure off their star guards.

Run the break

I would like to see FEU run more often. Almost everytime they ran against NU, they were successful. FEU has always been very successful on the break or in semi-transition. Must get easy baskets.

Know your personnel

FEU must defend accordingly. Force Jeron Teng to shoot instead of drive, don’t sag off Vosotros, maybe double AVO in the post if necessary. FEU should defend wisely but I’m sure Coach Nash will point that out.


With Coach Nash and Josh back with the FEU Tamaraws, it will only be a matter of time until the Tamaraws continue playing the high level of basketball they were playing in the first round. The question is: will it be before the matchup this Sunday? Teams will also always give their best effort against the number one Tamaraws. Everyone will study them and want to beat them. Scouting and strategy has caught up. DLSU also showed some signs of closing out strong in their previous game with ADU. I’m actually split 50-50 with this one. But I’ll probably go with the Tams.