FEU and Adamson had contrasting fates in their respective games last week. The Tamaraws stunned the Bulldogs while the Falcons suffered its sixth defeat in the hands of the Maroons.

Last season, FEU’s win against Adamson gave the former an immaculate sweep of the first round. When they met again in the second round, the Morayta-based team washed out the Falcons,  led by Terrence Romeo’s 30 big points.

Looking back, Adamson has endured a lot of heartbreaks from FEU, especially that Season 74 Final Four matchup when a single win against the Tams could’ve booked them a Finals ticket. The Soaring Falcons may have lost their chances to avenge their loss in the past two seasons, but it’s still not too late to pull an upset this time.

Keys to the Game

Force turnovers

Just like FEU in the past few games, One of many woes of Adamson this season is their turnovers. As of the moment, these two teams’ TOV% are almost the same with FEU’s 22.1 and Adamson’s 22.2.

Even though the Falcons are at the bottom of the standings, FEU should take their defense seriously if they want to beat them. The Tamaraws, who averaged 14.6 points off turnovers last season, should take advantage of this  by pressing the ball handler to force themto turn the ball over.

Silence the Gunners

Though Jericho Cruz has left, Adamson still has Jansen Rios and Don Trollano. The two veterans combined for 44 points out of their team’s 64 points against UP. Though it seems that these two would be the automatic go-to guys for the San Marcelino-based squad, there are still some young guns in their lineup waiting to unveil their talents.

Once any of these guys are on the floor, FEU needs to stop them before they could ignite a rally. The Tamaraws don’t have to wait for anyone of them to explode for the Falcons.


I think it will be W for the Tamaraws this Wednesday. FEU’s experience and team-oriented play will put them to an edge in this game. Aside from that, their composure in crucial moments can also be relied on. An Adamson win is still likely to happen; after all, anything can happen in the UAAP.