View from the Enemy: Adamson Soaring Falcons

Gahd. Stop playing with out hearts Kiefer!

It’s UAAP Sunday and Ateneo is set to face of with Adamson (our avian friends) this Sunday at the Mall of Asia Arena. Yes, yes, it’s been a tough ride. But at this point, I’ve said that I’m feeling better (as compared to those first 2 battles against NU and La Salle). I’ve stated why at the end and I’m sticking to it. (Despite the obvious remark from my colleague in his pre-game article).


Is he going to play? (Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports PH)

Now, with that out of the way, what do our boys need to do to get the first W?

Keys to the Game

Rebounds, Rebounds, Rebounds

Yes, we’ve played the two teams that I’m most scared of (because of their rebounding). That doesn’t mean all of the opponents we’ll face are weak rebounders. The reason why I’m so scared of those two teams? They have multiple strong, physical rebounders that can push our puny boys out of position. Between Parks, Mbe, and Villamor (yeah, hahaha) and Norbert Torres, Jeron Teng, AVO and Perkins, we’ve had the most physical teams play us.


Just a normal day in the office for Golla! (Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports PH)

Adamson seems like a different breed of the same kind. As a team, they are a great rebounder (currently the top team in the league in terms of rebounding differential). But I don’t think they are as physical as those two teams are (not to say they aren’t). The one I’m going to focus on is Ingrid Sewa – a guy who grabs the same amount of offensive rebounding opportunities as defensive rebounding opportunities (17.3%). That’s a really big number of offensive rebounds going his way. I’ll have to wait and see whether the rest of the team has really improved on their rebounding. Whether that’s by design or a product of evolution, we’ll have to wait and see. But the main point is BOX THE HELL OUT OF SEWA PLEASE.

Turnover party

Adamson has been particularly prone at turning the ball over – they’ve turned the ball over on more than 22% of their possessions. That bodes well for a team that ranks below average in terms of forcing turnovers and scoring on those said turnovers. For a team that is lacking its number 1 option, Ateneo needs all the help it can get (and yes, I’ve been burned multiple times so I’m just going to assume that Kiefer’s not going to play).

Expectation = Disappointment

Kiefer might have tweeted that, the team might know that Kiefer is playing. Even if he plays, and he plays completely healthy, don’t expect him to be 100% — play like he’s not there. That means running YOUR sets beautifully and running your defensive schemes properly. That way, if Kiefer plays, it’s more of a “2+1 = 4” situation rather than a “2+1 = 3” situation.

Third Quarter slumps are a no-no

Ateneo’s been buried in the third quarter for the past three games. Over their first three games, Ateneo’s been outscored in the third quarter by 10.6 points, on average. You know what Ateneo’s average margin is over those same three games? -7.7. That means had we broke even in those first three third quarters, we’d be winning by around 3. THREE. But apparently, Coach Bo doesn’t believe in “adjustments” (No, I still don’t believe that quote was interpreted correctly). Hopefully, his boys respond with the type of energy he wants coming out of the 3rd, despite the lack of “adjustments” (whatever that means).


Hard to put a prediction when there’s a pretty big variable being accounted for (Ravena). I’m going to go out and say we lose this one. Sewa is going to be a man among boys, manhandling Golla and Erram into foul trouble (AGAIN). Sad that it has come to this. Don’t worry, our next game will be against UP!