Will this be Roi Sumang‘s revenge game?

For the last two losses of the UE Red Warriors, it was Super Sumang who missed the final attempt that shoulda woulda coulda made their team standings a lot better than it is now (2-3 win-loss card). We saw him shed tears of frustration and we all know that he will have this extraordinary kind of motivation coming into their next match. That battle happens to be against Ateneo, the very team that threw their Final Four hopes out of the window last season. Ateneo is to UE as UST is to Ateneo, in terms of breaking hearts in Season 76. I’m pretty sure Sumang and the Warriors still remember that fateful day.

Roi Sumang looks on as Chris Newsome slams the ball home (Photo Credit: KC Cruz, GMA News)


The Ateneo Blue Eagles, on the other hand, are gunning for their sixth win. Against another huge frontline, how can Ateneo end the first round of eliminations with a bang?

Team Stats

Stats League Average ADMU UE

Offensive Rating

85.8 101.5 (1st) 86.4 (5th)

Defensive Rating

85.8 91.7 (6th) 76.6 (2nd)

Effective Field Goal Percentage

42.1 44.4 (3rd) 45.8 (2nd)

Three-Point Percentage

26.4 31.3 (2nd) 34.4 (1st)

Turnover Percentage

20.0 15.1 (1st) 21.8 (5th)

Offensive Rebound Percentage

34.3 36.7 (3rd) 34.0 (6th)

Free Throw Rate

18.9 26.8 (1st) 13.0 (8th)

Keys to the Game


Although the Warriors will surely pound them inside, the Eagles also need to watch out for UE’s outside shooting (top in the league). Usual snipers that need to be contained are Dan Alberto and Bong Galanza who norm 55 percent and 38.1 percent from downtown respectively. To be safe, they need to be wary of Sumang’s triples too (29.4 percent).


UE  is top in the league in terms of forcing turnovers and producing points off them (17.2 per game), but they also give up possessions too many times (21.8 per 100 possessions, compared to Ateneo’s 15.1). What the Eagles need to do is milk these turnovers and run the break more than their opponent.


Ateneo might not have legit big men but they have decent stoppers and rebounders in Ponso Gotladera and Chris Newsome and Kris Porter.  The Eagles have an edge in terms of offensive rebounding and 2nd chance points (8.5 per contest, compared to UE’s 5.4). More than Moustapha Arafat and Charles Mammie, I think the inside game of Chris Javier will be harder to control.


The first and only time I made a prediction, I was wrong and Ateneo lost. So I’m not sure why I’m doing this again.

It will be a close game, but Ateneo will end with 6-1 after this.

Featured image by KC Cruz, GMA News