Last round Coach Mike Fermin was suspended. This time it’s Joseph Nalos.

Facing NU shorthanded cannot come at a better time for the defending champs. They so desperately need a win and the Falcons have an excuse if they lose.

NU must win to keep their title defense alive, so expect a lot of fire and desperation coming from the likes of Alfred Aroga and Gelo Alolino. On the other hand, Adamson has gotten comfortable with losing. Having already won once against UP, the Falcons don’t seem to care too much if they ever win again this season. After all, pretty much everyone has written them off and this is supposed to be a rebuilding season anyway.

True as it may be, the Falcons still shouldn’t just hand the game over to the Bulldogs for one very good reason—development.

Nalos is out for the game. Now it’s a chance to find a new ball distributor. Just like how finding out that Jerome Garcia was a deadly three-point scoring option, finding out who the next point guard for Adamson will also be crucial to their development. So far William Polican has worked well coming off the bench, but he hasn’t been given an opportunity to take a bigger role as the lead point guard. Perhaps with Nalos’ absence, he might just emerge.

Or maybe it’s time for JD Tungcab to show the UAAP why he was part of the Juniors’ Mythical Five and take over the scoring load for the team. Against Ateneo, he showed he can create points for himself with relative ease, perhaps the Falcons can play off his ability more now that they don’t have a distributor on the floor.

Perhaps the wings will simply learn the value of ball movement and move the ball on their own. Arvin Margallo, Harold Ng and Garcia have shown that they know how to score when left open, but it’s getting open where they have problems. Without a point guard to rely on creating shots, perhaps they’ll look to polish off their ball movement to help one another get their points.

Against a defensive behemoth in NU and without one of their main offensive weapons, barring an explosion from Adamson, expect it to be a slow, low scoring game.


Game Details
TIME: 2:00 PM