View from the Enemy: UST Growling Tigers

 There’s no easy game for the NU Bulldogs this round—especially since each game is against a tough team. This time, their strength and consistency will be tested by last season’s first runner-up, the UST Growling Tigers.

In their first round meeting, the game was a controversial one due to the incident involving NU forward Jeoff Javillonar and UST star player Jeric Teng but the Bulldogs managed to come out with a win.


There were not too many games when they recorded field goal percentages above 40% and the game against UST in the first round was one of those few times they performed well on the court. Rebounding-wise, they were both good at snatching the ball but it was NU’s aggressiveness to find the basket after missing an attempt that paved the way for the Bulldogs. They were also slightly better in passing the ball, completing 15 assists compared to the Tigers’ 12.

Keys to the Game

The NU Bulldogs have to take a few tips from Kanye West’s book. The Bulldogs have to be harder, better, faster and stronger.


The Sampaloc-based squad has to go harder when it comes to playing inside. They should not allow their opponents to out-rebound them and score more second chance points. They have to control the ball better than UST to be able to control the game. NU centers like Emmanuel Mbe and Troy Rosario have to keep an eye on Karim Abdul and Robert Hainga if they want to do better inside the paint.

Harder. (Photo Credit: BurnSports)


Now that the offense is flowing well for the Bulldogs, they have to keep it in place. They have to score better than their opponent. They have to be on their toes and be ready for whatever’s going to happen on the court. Jeric Teng might not be 100% for the Tigers but NU has to expect that any player from UST can step up and be a dangerous threat. Like Kevin Ferrer and Ed Daquiaog who combined for a whopping 33 points in their first round bout.

Better. (Photo Credit: BurnSports)


In their last win against the Adamson Falcons, the Bulldogs scored 23 points from fast breaks—that was the main advantage they had against the Falcons They have to bring that same pace into their game against UST. They have to run faster, pass better and complete plays stronger.


The NU Bulldogs are known for their strong starts but not much for their end game performances. The second round has been better for them and they have to grab the opportunity to win this game. They have to start out strong and end the game stronger. They have to finish out plays and rotate the ball more so that everyone has a chance to hold the ball and run the offense.

The NU Bulldogs are doing well for themselves these past few games but that is not enough. Their efforts have to be doubled, tripled. They have to be harder, better, faster and stronger. They’re going up against a powerhouse team with or without Teng and every ounce of offense and defense is needed.

This game is happening at the Araneta Coliseum on Aug. 24 4 pm