GlobalPort will look to regroup as they face their next challenge the Air 21 Express. Both teams failed to notch a win in their opening assignments and you can expect these two teams will be hungry for that first W.

It was clear in their respective first games that both teams need to work on things if they wanted to reach contender status. Air 21 revealed a lack of a reliable point guard in their first game. GlobalPort needed to work on chemistry and their defense.

Despite the raw state of the Batang Pier team, they had impressive debut performances from their rookies. Garcia, Salva and Romeo all had solid outings for their team. The three look like they will be a big part of the rotation going forward.

Filipino fans quickly took notice of Terrence Bill Romeo and his unique style of basketball. The way he played wasn’t conventional and you certainly wouldn’t find his style being taught in basketball camps. Nevertheless, it was very exciting and fans were at awe at the fearlessness of the young player. At times you could see the potential, how gifted he was and one would think that he might actually thrive in the PBA.

Sol Mercado shooting. (Photo Credit: InterAKTV)

Sol Mercado shooting. (Photo Credit: InterAKTV)

 It was also very interesting to see Sol Mercado who is one of the best guards in the PBA tweet his thoughts about Romeo’s greatness on several occasions, citing the young gun will one day be a star in this league. What could Sol have seen in practice? Maybe Romeo crosses people up like crazy there, who knows? Whatever the case may be its very encouraging that one of the best guards in the PBA and the leader of the team believes so much in their new recruit Swaggy T.

Since T-Bill was pretty much comfortable with himself and playing his brand of basketball so soon in the PBA, it makes me believe that the coaching staff wants him to be aggressive and play his style of basketball. This might be a trend going forward, be ready to see Romeo with the ball in his hands a lot.

Keys to the game

Make it rain

The three ball is going to be a big part of the Batang Pier’s offense and team success. They have to knock down the long ball.

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GlobalPort showed their lack of chemistry in their first game. They have got to do a better job of ball movement and setting up guys for easy looks.

Capitlize on PG woes

Air 21’s perceived weakness is at the point guard position. Since Air 21 doesn’t have a designated ball handler and distributor they have to capitalize on this by pressuring the ball and forcing turnovers.

Final Thoughts

Its really tough to say who has the upper hand at this stage of the game between both teams. You could really make a case for each side to win. Since GlobalPort really did a total overhaul of the roster and are more inexperienced, they might have the disadvantage. It all comes down to execution though. We’ll see how it turns out but it will definitely be an interesting match.