FEU Tamaraws and UST Growling Tigers share a lot of things in common that we, sometimes, fail to recognize. Aside from the fact that these teams reside in the University Belt, they also had aplenty of championships under their belt. FEU has 19 titles while UST has 18 with the last one came in 2006. These teams were the bridesmaids in the last two seasons to Ateneo and DLSU respectively.

But this is not the time  for them to look what they have lost, instead, they have to work hard for what they has to gain. After all, this is a brand new season, and it’s still a wide race for the crown that is up for grabs.

Keys to the Game

Pressure the shooters

UST’s field goal shooting was dismal in their first game where they chucked 2/17 three-pointers (12%), and had 29% 2-point FG in 12-41 shooting. You may call it an off night for the team, but those missed shots added to their problems that they failed to resolve.

While it’s still early, FEU has to take advantage of UST’s weakness. The Tams need to drive their shooters away and don’t let them to get touches on the ball. Let UST throw bricks again and made them crumble just what happened last Sunday.

Take Karim out

Karim Abdul is definitely a beast under the post. His rebounds alone creates a lot of opportunities for his teammates. Against NU, he grabbed a team-high 11 boards which helped them produce 11 second chance points.

Karim has been pummeling every teams’ bigs since he entered the league, and when defended, double-teaming him is sometimes not enough. FEU must help each other if they want to stop this UST big man this time. Force him to take awkward shots or make him shoot in the free throw line, where he only made 3-of-7 last Sunday. But most importantly, prevent Karim to do his job in his territory.

Team effort

Mike Tolomia has been the talk of the town due to his spectacular performance against DLSU, as well as Mac Belo who remained solid for the Tamaraws during their rocky first half run. Not to be set aside are their supporting cast who helped them both in scoring and defense during the crucial period. FEU’s 22 bench points was a big boost during the times when starters failed to deliver.


Even in the past, these teams are considered greatest rivals in the UBelt. Aside from their number of championships, they also share yellow in their team colors. I’m pretty sure that this will be another close game in the battle of finding out who’s yellow jersey will stand out this time.