Whenever FEU and UE face each other, expect nothing else but a game of epic proportions. These two teams have a very long list of great battles even dating back to the early ages of their long and storied rivalry. In the recent memory, their second round game against each other last season even reached in double overtime.

Now that these teams both have a single loss in their bags, it will be tough for them to deal another defeat. Since the race for the top spots are wide open, the Recto and Morayta-based squads are up for the challenge to topple down each other just to grab a better seat before the end of the first round.

Keys to the Game


Just like their game against La Salle, FEU’s bigs will surely suffer against the two of the heftiest centers in the league in Charles Mammie and Moustapha Arafat. These guys which stand  6’8 and 6’7 respectively have provided the much needed interior defense for the Red Warriors. The Tams’s bigs need to pour their entire strength to pull these two guys out of their territory.


It’s not just Roi Sumang who could set fireworks from the parking lot but also his teammates who rose in the past few games. FEU must take note that Dan Alberto and Paul Varilla are also able and willing to take those big shots at the side these days. It will be another crucial job for FEU’s defenders to keep these guys in check since it will be a bigger trouble if they let them pass through their defenses.


The Warriors’s guards can also be likened to UST’s if you will mention how active they are on the court. Since FEU’s TO’s are quite disturbing already, the Warriors will definitely anticipate those untimely miscues and will take the chance to score off the break.


It’s quite hard to predict on who will take the win this Wednesday since these times has their own advantages against each other. All I can assure is that this will be another close game between the Tams and the Warriors. And, a double overtime would be possible too. Any, I would still put my bets on FEU.

Featured image courtesy of Jocas Lozada, FEU Advocate