One last try for the Archers for a twice-to-beat advantage. De La Salle bungled their chances last Wednesday and they must now go for broke.

I think it’s pretty clear now that they do not have the tools to go 3-on-5 (MontalBUST and Jason Perkins are AWOL). They can, and should use a bit of Julian Sargent and boatloads of Norbert Torres. It’s a tough task going up against the very mobile bigs of NU in Alfred Aroga and Troy Rosario.

But clearly, there’s only thing to fix: TURNOVERS.

I think this is De La Salle’s Achilles’ heel. Montalbo just doesn’t cut it. Jeron Teng for all his efforts, throws the ball as much as he dishes it. Need we take on Almond Vosotros, and the rest? No? Yeah. For all intents and purposes, keep. That. Freaking. Rock.


Hefty Lefty just isn’t THE Hefty Lefty we got used to. And I cannot make myself repeat it more times than usual. If he wants his school to have a chance for a twice-to-beat edge come the postseason, man he has to show up. Maybe he’s better off getting off the bench now. I mean I would seriously demote him. At least I know he can be a problem to the second stringers of the other team.

Albeit, his ball-throwing tendencies would be much more highlighted since he’ll be handling the rock more than he’s used to.


I want to see more of this guy. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

I want to see more of this guy. (Photo Credits: File Photo)


Sarge has been solid. He has had his rookie times yes but he showed he can be a vet during crunch time. Dude can ball, so why keep him nailed behind Montalbo? Set. Him. Free.

He can coexist with Jeron and Almond. It’s very clear. He can also defend, keep his man in front of him. He can get to the rack. He does not get pressured easily. Everything you dreamed about Montalbo. So please, Juno just this once, let Julian start.


Tough one. This will go down as a nailbiter. Aroga and Rosario won’t probably let up and pound that rock inside. If Perkins disappears again, this game is the Bulldogs to lose.