La Salle’s grueling first round rodeo continues and this time, they’ll face University of the East who is coming off two huge drubbings of the league doormats.

The Green Archers heaved a momentary sigh of relief after they eked out a close win against the National University Bulldogs last Wednesday. However, they’re in for a titanic battle against probably the baddest big man in the league in Charles Mammie. Also, this marks the fourth straight game that the Archers lock horns with a team that boasts of a supreme scoring guard in Roi Sumang this time. In their last three outings, only Gelo Alolino was contained since his shooting went back to earth. How would DLSU fare this time around?


Sumang in action against UP's Moriah Gingerich. (Photo Credit:

Roi Sumang in action against UP’s Moriah Gingerich. (Photo Credit:

Sumang hasn’t scored that much in the Warriors first two games as opposed to how he torched the competition last year with 19.3 points per contest. He did not really have to do much of the heavy lifting against UP since the bench took care of the game themselves. Against Adamson, it was a different story as Sumang keyed a monster run in the third to have the Warriors pull away. In two games, Sumang has been averaging just 11 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 6apg while shooting 53% from the field. One thing to note is that he has been losing that ball at least 3.5 times a contest and that’s where DLSU can capitalize.

See, Sumang will have a field day against Green Archer defenders so, what’s their to hope who’s going to slow him down. Juno Sauler can’t put Jeron Teng on him since the UAAP’s best point guard will just breeze by him especially on ball screens. I can’t fathom how Kib Montalbo will defend Roi Sumang since well, he’s Kib Montalbo. Julian Sargent certainly has the tools to do so but the wily vet might take advantage of the poor rookie. However, Sargent will be their best bet in terms of size, speed and height.


Mammie and Javier battle  AVO in preseason action. (Photo Credits: KC Cruz,

Mammie and Javier battle AVO in preseason action. (Photo Credits: KC Cruz,


After Aroga and Rosario of NU, here comes Mammie and Javier. And while the Bulldogs frontline decided to just play face-up basketball, this Red Warriors duo is the exact opposite. Charles Mammie and Chris Javier are probably the best defensive frontline in taking up space, eating up rebounds and not giving position to anybody. This pair plays smash mouth basketball and are very unrelenting about throwing elbows either.

Chris Javier has been looking great so far putting up 10.5 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 0.5 bpg while shooting 63% from the field. Mammie on the other end has been taking it slow so far managing only 7 ppg, 6 rpg, 0.5 bpg, and 54% shooting in just 16 minutes of burn time. Mammie’s stats may not be popping out that much since Moustapha Arafat has been getting much of the PT for now. However, the Archers must brace themselves since it is most likely that Manong Derrick will most likely go big with Mammie against them.

In X’s and O’s, starting a three-big lineup to throw off the Red Warriors would seem smart. Norbert and AVO would cancel out Javier and Mammie, or Arafat it depends, while Perkins would feast on the reed-thin threes of Pumaren. It would be the best situation for the Archers although this would leave their bench thin with only Yutien Andrada capable of providing solid play as Abu Tratter continues to find his identity.


This is no pun thrown the way of Hefty Lefty, who reportedly loves to eat as much as we do. The Archers need to find ways to give their King the ball everytime down. Perkins is a great screen outlet guy who knows when to dive straight to the bucket or settle for a mid-range J. While his shooting may stretch to the three-point area, Perkins is at his best remaining well inside it. He’ll be working against the likes of Bong Galanza if he’s going to play at the three spot. He may have difficulty on a straight post up especially if Pumaren decides to cross it up and match Perkins with a taller guy. Sauler has to put Hefty Lefty on ballscreen situations most particularly on Pick N Rolls and Pick N Pops. Or throw a misdirection at Pumaren having AVO or Norbert Torres post up and set screens to clear Perkins off his man on cuts to the basket where they can pick him off.

Enough with the weave, Pick N Roll, Iso-Joe heavy set sequence. It’s bad for the eyes. Keep it simple


Bong Galanza and Dan Alberto (Photo Credits: Bong Galanza's Twitter)

Bong Galanza and Dan Alberto must be contained. (Photo Credits: Bong Galanza’s Twitter)


The Green Archers have their jobs cut out for them to close out on shooters. They have to keep tabs where Bong Galanza and Dan Alberto are setting up shop specifically. The two have been quite a surprise for the Red Warriors’ fans with their vastly improved shooting (the difference from this year’s shooting form and last is a canyon-sized gap). There’s no time to slouch for Jeron Teng and Almond Vosotros, and by extension Jason Perkins if the Archers want to prevail against the Red Warriors. While Sumang and Mammie’s production have taken quite a dip, their three-ball shooting has been hot. Like off the charts hot. As a team UE is shooting 41.4% from downtown. That is already above average for a college team. DLSU, is at the opposite end of the pole in that one.


If the Green Archers let Mammie, Arafat, and Javier bully them inside, while failing to contest shots from Sumang, Alberto and Galanza, we might as well be on the collective staring at a 1-3 hole. Jason Perkins remains their best offensive option with Arnold Van Opstal a high second. Jeron Teng has to shape up that shooting for the Green Archers’s chances to solidify against Derrick Pumaren and the Red Warriors.

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